Vaginal Discharge Solution

Vaginal Discharge Solution

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Noticing vaginal discharge

During pregnancy, your vaginal discharge normally increases substantially. Some women find that they need to wear thin panty liners every day. The discharge tends to be thin, white, and virtually odorless. Vaginal douches aren't a good idea because they may alter a woman's natural ability to fight off vaginal infections. If your vaginal discharge takes on a brown, yellow, or green color, or if it develops a noxious odor or causes itching, let your practitioner know. (Be sure to use your judgment about how much of an emergency this is it isn't the sort of problem that requires a 3 a.m. phone call to her office.)

Antenatal care explained

This is a condition of protein in the urine, when the sample is taken from the midstream flow and is not contaminated by vaginal discharge, amniotic fluid or blood. It is the last sign of pre-eclampsia and is always serious. VX. Vertex, part of the fetal skull.

When Should Sex be Definitely Avoided

You should also avoid sex in pregnancy if you have abnormal vaginal discharge, or if either of you has an outbreak of herpes or any sexually transmitted infection. Avoid sex in the third trimester if your partner had genital herpes in the past, even if he is now well and has no sores. Avoid receiving oral sex if your partner has cold sores on his mouth.

Child Abuse Physical and Sexual

Symptoms and Diagnosis There's no one telltale sign that a child is being abused. Unexplained injuries such as bruises, black eyes, and broken bones or findings such as vaginal discharge or bleeding in an infant or young girl are certainly clues, but other signs are less obvious. Children who have been abused may behave differently. They may have nightmares or trouble sleeping. They may also

Leaking amniotic fluid

If you notice your underwear is wet, several explanations are possible. It may be a little urine, vaginal discharge, the release of the mucous plug in the cervix, or actual leakage of amniotic fluid (also known as rupture of the membranes). Often, you can tell what it is by examining the fluid. Mucous discharge tends to be thick and globby, whereas vaginal discharge is whitish and smooth. Urine has a characteristic odor and doesn't flow continuously without your effort. Amniotic fluid, on the other hand, is normally clear and watery and often is lost in spurts. Sometimes you have a big gush of water when membranes rupture, but if the membrane has only a small hole, the leakage may be scant.

VaginaC Discharge During Pregnancy

Most women would notice an increase in vaginal discharge during pregnancy. This is quite normal and is caused by a combination of factors increased blood supply, softening of the cervix and vaginal walls, and later, stimulation from the baby's head, as he or she presses against the cervix ready for labor. Normal vaginal discharge is clear, white or creamy, and fairly runny. It may have a distinctive odor, but not an unpleasant smell. Signs of infection include thick, curd-like or greenish discharge, a nasty smell, itchy and soreness, low abdominal pain or pain during sex. An increase in vaginal discharge is a normal part of pregnancy. Remind yourself that this discharge plays a part in protecting your uterus from infection ascending up the vagina. However, be aware of changes to your discharge,

Urine test

A sample of urine (taken from midstream and collected in a clean sample bottle) will be tested at every antenatal visit, to check for the presence of sugar, protein, ketones and blood. Protein may result from a vaginal discharge or, more seriously, a urinary tract infection or renal disease. In later pregnancy, when accompanied by raised BP and oedema, it is a serious sign of pre-eclampsia. A small amount of sugar in the urine is not uncommon in pregnancy, but if it recurs then further tests will be needed to check for diabetes. Ketones may be present if the woman is vomiting and may indicate that treatment is required.

Case Report 2

Miss LA, G1P0, age 23, attends the Early Pregnancy Unit complaining of brown vaginal discharge at 9 weeks' gestation. Transvaginal ultrasound scan reveals an empty gestation sac with a mean diameter of 25 mm. Early fetal demise is diagnosed and Miss LA is offered expectant, medical or surgical management. She chooses medical management as she feels that a success rate of over 80 is worth trying, especially as it avoids hospitalization and a general anaesthetic. She is given 800 mg of