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Free Methods On How To Get Bigger Testicles. Download the free ebook today to start to see rapid boosts in testicular performance and size within 2 or 3 days. Inside, youll learn: A cutting edge sexual technique to get instantly bigger testes after lovemaking. An unusual tip to fire up your testicles and increase your ejaculations within a week. A subliminal trick to restore morning wood and get your sack feeling heavy in the morning. How to avoid for Good this nasty chemical found in food and normal substances that causes testicular atrophy in men. Elevated estrogen is the leading cause of testicular atrophy in human males. So you need to keep estrogen levels in check if you want to avoid this testicular shrinkage and weak libido. A simple way to do this is to eat cruciferous veggies like broccoli, cabbage and Brussels sprouts Because these vegetables contain phytonutrients that flush bad estrogens out of your body. The most potent of these is Diindolymethane. Take in just enough of this nutrient and your testicles will be protected. But if you take in too much youll actually increase the aromatase enzyme in your body. Because Mark is a pro researcher on testosterone, testicular function and male fertility, so he will reveal the hard facts. But he also explains to you exactly how to reverse the whole process in just a few weeks. Continue reading...

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Fetal Risk Summary

Three references, all from the same research group, described the effects on male rats of exposure to cimetidine from gestation up to the time of weaning (5,6 and 7). The rats had decreased weights of testicles, prostate gland, and seminal vesicles at 55 and 110 days of age as compared to nonexposed controls. Exposed animals also had reduced testosterone serum levels, lack of sexual motivation, and decreased sexual performance, but normal luteinizing hormone levels. The observed demasculinization effects were still present 35 days after discontinuation of the drug, indicating that exposure may have modified both central and end-organ androgen receptor activity or responsiveness (5,6 and 7). In contrast, researchers from the manufacturer treated rats similarly to rats in the above reports and found no effect on any of the parameters described previously (8). Another group found no effect of cimetidine exposure during gestation and lactation on masculine sexual development, except for...


Single doses of cadmium administered to male rodents resulted in marked testicular atrophy (69). Similar exposures in humans do not appear to have the same result, possibly because of the protective effect of the testicular protein metallothionein, which preferentially binds cadmium.

Conditions Procedures

An inguinal hernia occurs when a loop of intestine or other abdominal contents push through an opening or weak area in the wall of the abdomen. Although they can occur at any age, inguinal hernias are most commonly diagnosed in the first year of life and are four times more likely to occur in boys than in girls. An inguinal hernia usually appears as a lump or swelling in the groin or scrotum (the sac containing the testicles) in boys or in the labia (the folds of skin surrounding the opening of the vagina) in girls. In infants, the first sign of a problem may be that parents observe the baby to be fussy or uncomfortable. Inguinal hernias usually don't cause symptoms, but they can pose a problem if the protruding tissue becomes trapped (incarcerated), which can cut off the blood flow to the organ involved. Surgical repair involves closing the opening in the abdominal wall through an incision made in the groin area. The procedure is usually done on an outpatient basis, and a child may...

Mechanical Barrier

The concept of mechanical barrier was proposed to explain the lack of immune response in organs such as the brain, cornea, testicles and kidneys. We refer to these tissues as immune privileged sites where an immune response represents a dangerous condition for the tissue. Immune privilege sites are also organs or tissues of the body which, when grafted to conventional (nonprivileged) body sites, experience extended or indefinite survival. Whereas foreign grafts placed at nonprivileged sites are rejected promptly. The pregnant uterus is an example of an immune privilege site.

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