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Anatomy Of A Bad Sex Study

When it came to analysis, Rand failed to report the television habits of the 600 teens who had never had sex. That is suspicious. Would presenting the TV viewing habits of the no-sex teens, a highly relevant subsample, have messed up the findings That left around 700 subjects, one-third of the original sample, on which the findings were based. immediate over long-term effects, the inability to recreate real-world settings, and studies geared for news-tabloid splashes (of which Rand's is only the latest example) have plagued efforts to determine the complex ways in which media and real-life behaviors interact. Media-effects research is so weak that the same techniques used to claim sexy television and violent games and media cause youths to act badly also have been used, in previous studies by premier researchers, to show that programs like Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood make children more aggressive. The most reliable predictor of whether a study will find this or that...

More Sex Please

Many of the couples I see in my co ne eption , ferti I ity, a nd preg na ncy c I i n i c a d mit to not having sex very ofte n. I f yo u want a baby, it's important to e njoy a s much spontaneous passion a s po s s i b I e . The more sex you have, the g r ea ter yo u r cha ne e of con ce ivi n g . I t's a I so i mportant to have sex during you r ferti I e per i od . Ovulation usually occu rs b etween 1 0 a nd 1 6 days b efor e

The emotional impact of fertility problems and treatments

Again, there isn't room here to cover the vast array of treatments and procedures that are involved in assisted conception. However, it is clear that the emotional costs of fertility problems can be significant. Those diagnosed with fertility problems are more likely to be diagnosed as depressed to have anxiety problems to report relationship problems and specifically higher levels of difficulty with their sexual relationship. The treatments themselves can exert extreme physical and psychological pressures and as many as two-thirds of procedures do not result in a baby. For some couples, despite massive intervention at great personal and financial cost, a baby is never achieved.

Pinpointing ovulation

So when does ovulation happen Typically, about 14 days before you get your period. If your menstrual cycles are 28 days long, that's 14 days after the first day of your previous period. If you have a 32-day cycle, you probably ovulate on about the 18th day of your cycle. (Each cycle begins on the first day of a period.) To make sure that you get the sperm in the right place at the right time, have sex several times around the time of ovulation, starting five days before you expect to ovulate and continuing for two to three days afterward. How often Once every two days is probably adequate. Having sex daily or more often can cause the sperm count to drop a little in some men. Doctors once thought that having sex daily would result in a lower sperm count and reduce fertility. However, later medical studies found that this idea is true only in men who have a lower-than-normal sperm count to start with.

Taking an effective and fun approach

In most cases, parents-to-be are well advised to just relax and enjoy the process of trying to conceive. Don't get too anxious if it doesn't happen right off the bat. We often tell our patients Think about stopping birth control a few months before you actually plan on getting pregnant. This way, you have some carefree months of enjoying great sex without worrying each month about whether you're pregnant. And if you do conceive ahead of schedule, enjoy the nice surprise Everything every dad wants to know about sex One of the most common questions that dads ask is about sex during pregnancy. Your desire for sex like that of your partner may increase or decrease. Many men worry that inserting the penis into the vagina, next to the cervix, may injure the baby or lead to preterm delivery. In an uncomplicated pregnancy, you have nothing to worry about at all in this regard. Another common worry is that you may crush the baby by lying on top of your partner. Again, if the pregnancy is...

Predicting Your Timing of Ovulation

You can increase your chances of getting pregnant by timing your sexual intercourse close to your time of ovulation (releasing of your egg). However, the most important factor is to have regular sexual intercourse. We suggest having sex at least three times a week if you are trying to conceive.

Refighting Yesterdays

By the 2000s, the standard 90-second volleying between dueling teen-sex foes in the news media had become a hollaback drill Sex education (SENDS TEENS DOUBLE MESSAGES ). Give me abstinence-only (DENIES TEENS LIFESAVING FACTS ). For all the sound and fury lamenting teens having sex and or babies, these issues get raised the way jousters raise lances. On the progressive shows and blogs such as RachelMaddow, Countdown with Keith Olbermann, Huffington Post, and Salon, teen pregnancy's main utility seems to be to jab at former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin (she of loud morals and prego daughter), Democratic senators who oppose health care reform, corporate advertising, southern-state legislators, conservative lobbies, Fox News, and anyone else they are otherwise annoyed with who also supported abstinence-only. Still, I do not mean to imply that everyone involved in the issue has become as cynical and deceptive as combatants at the national level. From Internet sites to...

The Privatized Social Policy Disease

The price of manufactured panics is that genuinely harmful crises go unad-dressed. That 14 million American children and teenagers grow up in poverty, including six million in utter destitution that social service investigations substantiate 200,000-plus cases of violent and sexual abuses inflicted on children and teens by their parents and caretakers every year that massive tax and education budget cuts force millions of students into substandard schools and price them out of higher education, are real crises that win little sustained attention. Progressive groups in the teen pregnancy debate display little stomach for pushing strong social justice measures to reduce epidemic child poverty their message seems to be that teen pregnancy will be solved simply by more sex education. Pro-life conservatives' fervor for the welfare of unborn children curiously dissipates once the children are born.

Nutrients For Healthy Sperm

Zinc An insufficiency of zinc, often called the fertility mineral',' is believed to lead to a reduced sperm count and erectile dysfunction. Needed to make the outer layer and tail of sperm, i t i s I ost with each ejaculation, so an active sex life a nd a I ow-zinc d et p lace a man at risk of reduced fertility.

Teen Sex Pregnancy Do Not Exist

Of course, some teenagers have sex, and a fraction of these teens get pregnant. So do Missourians, Rastafarians, and people whose last names start with C. Individuals born on Monday account for a shocking one in seven unwed pregnancies, abortions, and sexually transmitted diseases. We might as well single out any or all identifiable groups for stigma and intervention. Is today's furor over teen pregnancy entirely contrived, then In one sense, no. There are distinct adolescent reproductive health issues, just as there are for older ages. Adults could play a more positive role, but we choose not to. Fortunately, young people today have available a vast, largely unregulated Internet medium in which they can find information and communicate about sexual

The Sanctification Of Im Offended

Still, even toughened up by America's certifiable craziness about sex or maybe jealous that I am apparently having less fun than evangelicals exhibiting hot new versions of holy roller I was unprepared for a long, front-page me-column in the Los Angeles Times. I've covered murders, grisly accidents, airplanes falling out of the sky and, occasionally, dirty politics, reporter Catherine Saillant's opening sentence vented. But in nearly two decades of journalism, nothing has made my insides churn like seeing what my 13-year-old daughter and her friends are up to on 47 There are gradations to the degree of offense at modern popular culture, of course. There are those who condemn the presentation of irresponsible sex, violent sex, and more explicit sex in newer television shows, music, films, games, and other media, including depictions of teenage sex that were not rit-ually followed by punishing lessons. Then there are the growing numbers of absolute puritans such as the...

Emotions Embarrassment and

Studies do suggest that breast-feeding women tend to be less interested in sexual activity in the first few months after birth. Fatigue may be a factor, along with the feeling some women get of being physically used up by breast-feeding all touched out. Others complain of vaginal dryness caused by low estrogen during lactation, a problem that can be helped by using a lubricant. But even when negative feelings do exist, they often fade after breast-feeding becomes established. Some women say that breast-feeding improved their sex life by making them more comfortable with their bodies and more responsive. Some couples find they are aroused by the milk, which may leak or spray during sexual activity. For some women, the act of suckling an infant itself causes feelings of sexual arousal. More commonly, it causes pleasurable, comfortable feelings that aren't erotic. Either reaction is normal. If you bottle-feed your baby, this choice should have no effect on your sex life (beyond whatever...

22 Principles Of Fertilization Conception

Sperm Cell And Ovum Cell

During sexual intercourse, 2 to 5 ml of semen, usually containing more than 300 million sperm, is ejaculated into the female's vagina. By flagellar (wiggly) movement, the sperm make their way through the fluids of the cervical mucous, across the endometrium, and into the fallopian tube to meet the descending ovum in the ampulla of the fallopian tube (see figure 2-3). Only one sperm is required for actual fertilization, but the presence of many increases the chances for one to penetrate. The union between ovum and sperm occurs in the outer third of the fallopian tube.

Speaking of pregnancy competing truthclaims


Nihell deploys the coarse language of seduction ('served', 'rummagers') to depict an inappropriate invasion of female space. A contemporary engraving, 'The Man-midwife, or Female Delicacy after Marriage', is even more emphatic about the dangers of such encounters the man-midwife examines a pregnant woman who lies in a seductive pose with one arm draped around him, as her husband is led out through a door surmounted by a picture of an ass (signifying cuckoldry). The pregnant woman is presented here as sexually attractive and active, in marked contrast with nineteenth-century representations of her as a quasi-virginal figure, removed from the sphere of sexual activity.3 This understanding of the pregnant woman as an object of lustful desire is repeated in literary texts such as Charlotte Smith's Montalbert, although no indication is given there that the woman reciprocates such feelings.

Cant Get Pregnantl Is There Anything Wrong

Hydrotubation Pictures

In our current climate of a hectic schedule, it is important to note that regular sexual intercourse of 2-3 times per week should be happening between the couple before they can be labeled as subfertile. The most fertile period is usually two weeks before the onset of a women's period if she has a regular cycle. This is when the egg is released from the ovary into the fallopian tubes. being able to conceive. For a start, one must exclude male or female sexual dysfunction, whereby the sexual act is never carried out anyway. This can lead to a breakdown of the relationship in the long run. There can be many reasons for male sexual dysfunction and an inability to ejaculate. They include impotence, erectile dysfunction, diabetes, prostate surgery or chronic usage of medications, e.g. anti-hypertensives. In the female, vaginismus or pain during sexual intercourse is perhaps the most common cause of female sexual dysfunction.

Persuading Teens That Sex Is Awful

Lobbies highlighted the National Longitudinal Survey of Adolescent Health's 1996 finding that 25 percent of girls and 8 percent of boys age 14 to 17 who were sexually active reported being depressed within the past week, compared to 8 percent of girls and 3 percent of boys who were not sexually active. Sexually active was defined as ever had sexual intercourse. The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy reported in 2000 that 63 percent of sexually active teens age 12 to 17 regretted having had sex and wished they had waited until they were older, compared to 32 percent who did not.8 The inference the National Campaign and others touted was that having sex, even once, causes depression and regrets in teens and therefore, enforcing virginity must make teens happier. The surveys do not present evidence for that cause and effect and ignored other explanations, as discussed later. Satisfaction, particularly on conservative Web sites such as Heritage Foundation's, that teen sinners...

Touting Irrelevancies

Social liberals . tend to support sex education and are not particularly troubled by the idea that many teen-agers have sex before marriage, but would regard a teen-age daughter's pregnancy as devastating news. And . social conservatives generally advocate abstinence-only education and denounce sex before marriage, but are relatively unruffled if a teen-ager becomes pregnant, as long as she doesn't choose to have an abortion.19

The Demise Of Progressive Social Advocacy

In particular, Clinton's Democratic Family Values crusade popularized the patent fiction that generous welfare was spurring rebellious teen girls to have babies so they could move out from under wise Mom and Dad's strict morals to set up their own dens of immorality.6 Abstinence advocates, led by Clinton himself, urged teens to wait to have sex until they were married. The president's Welfare Reform Task Force formed in 1994 urged public campaigns and welfare restrictions against teen mothers. Clinton's kickoff address, to black high schoolers in Washington, D.C.'s destitute Anacostia district, won swooning press coverage The Nations Alexander Cockburn was a scathing exception7 as it adroitly spelled out just who was spawning the epidemic. 8 The press reverberated with cloned articles branding unwed teen mothers as the genesis of all social ills. ABC News's Diane Sawyer (the fortunate daughter of a wealthy judge) confronted teen mothers as selfish and lacking moral values. The newly...

Survivors of childhood sexual abuse

With increasing awareness of the occurrence of the sexual abuse of children, more women and some men too are willing to come forward and seek help in dealing with the consequences of abuse in childhood. Often women come for help with depression or an eating disorder and later on in the therapy reveal that they were abused. Many women I have worked with have been able to have a sexual relationship with someone where they were very 'detached' or cut off from their feelings but it was when they become involved in a serious relationship that the sexual relationship triggered anxiety, flashbacks or depression. For some women the thoughts of being pregnant and going through labour are terrifying women may fear feeling out of control or are terrified of being examined or touched. These fears can trigger intense anxiety or flashbacks. Many survivors of childhood abuse also worry about their ability to be a parent will they be too over-protective of a child Or they worry about not being able...

The Rise Of Bad Research

Yet, I doubt any objective scientist could explain what overamped surveys really tell us. Interest groups and media reporters do not seem to care whether 1 percent or 91 percent of young people admit to whatever behavior is being surveyed, or whether the scary behavior consists of sending an email emoticon or jumping into a twenty-way orgy. If 6 percent of girls under age 14 say they have had sex, all girls are branded the Sex at 13 Generation, as one celebrated Christian book title put it. No one seems to care that how many teens tell surveys they are having what kind of sex today compared to whatever teens of the past said they did has nothing to do with levels or trends in teen pregnancies, abortions, diseases, rapes, or anything else important. To measure behavior in a population accurately, a sample must be carefully constructed to represent the larger population studied. In a self-reporting survey, respondents in the sample are given a series of questions to answer about their...

Problem Inflation Tricks

A common survey scam is to employ problem inflators that rope expanded age groups, harmless behaviors, rare behaviors, and speculative behaviors to grossly expand teen-problem numbers. We will see many, many, many of these. An example among hundreds is the junk survey by Kaiser Family Foundation and Joseph Califano, Jr.'s Center on Addition and Substance Abuse (CASA) whose media-friendly design wildly exaggerated how many teens have sex after using drugs or drinking alcohol. When this 2002 study accompanying a conference titled, Dangerous Liaisons Substance Abuse and Sexual Behavior, was released, the news media rang with trumpetings that 50 percent 73 percent even 89 percent of various classes of teens were indulging in drunken, drugged sex. Millions of young people mix sex with alcohol or drugs, Califano's press release screamed. Study Teen-agers often mix unsafe sex with drink, drugs, CNN proclaimed in typically slavish newsbray. The risky subgroup inflator. Among all teens, risks...

Will Sex Feel Any Different for Me

Many pregnant women will feel that sexual intercourse is slightly better due to the increased blood flow in the pelvis, which heightens sensation and increases sensitivity. However, some will perceive this as an uncomfortable fullness in the lower abdomen. Some women may even experience womb cramps after intercourse, especially in the third trimester and this alarms them. Transient cramps after orgasms are normal, but please see your doctor should the cramps get worse in intensity or become more frequent. The increased breast engorgement in early pregnancy may result in some tenderness should they be fondled. It may be advisable to omit this from the foreplay with your partner should this tenderness affect you.

When Should Sex be Definitely Avoided

If you have placenta previa (a condition where the placenta lies over the internal opening of the cervix), avoid penetrative intercourse as this could result in bleeding. If your amniotic sac has ruptured and your waters have broken, avoid intercourse as infection could ascend to your baby. If you are in preterm labor, avoid intercourse as well, as orgasm and chemicals in the semen could increase uterine contractions.

Should My Partner Use a Condom

Condoms are safe in pregnancy and prevent the transmission of sexual diseases from your partner. These diseases can affect you and your baby's health. If you have a new sexual partner during pregnancy, do consider using a condom when you have sex. This is the earliest sign that you may be pregnant following conception. It is usually quite reliable especially if your periods have been regular. Bleeding may still occur if you are pregnant but it is typically lighter than your usual periods. If you have been sexually active and have missed a period, please take a urine pregnancy test.

44 First Trimester Of Pregnancy

Decreased Interest In Sex Due To Bodily Changes. Nausea, vomiting, fatigue, and fear of injury to fetus may cause a loss of interest in sex. Increased vascularity to breast may yield breast tenderness or discomfort initially but this decreases as the pregnancy continues. Increased vascularity to the genitalia area may also be of concern. Fear of a miscarriage may cause the patient not to want sexual intercourse.

What about raspberry tea

As discussed, the mechanisms that cause labour to begin are somewhat elusive. Although hormones will definitely bring it on, clearly, other factors also affect the beginning of labour. It seems to be common practice that women who are medically fit with their baby fine and well are given a date to come back to the hospital for induction rather than being taken in immediately. Often being told you are to be induced is closely followed by the beginnings of labour. Perhaps the baby was about to appear anyway but it is interesting to speculate on what psychological mechanisms may be at play. But what can you do if you are sitting at home waiting for that baby to arrive and feeling concerned about the possibility of being induced Many other factors are thought to help the onset of labour and other women may share with you how their labour started. Some of these are dietary the drinking of raspberry tea (available from health food shops) or eating spicy foods is suggested to help labour...

More Teen Sex Less Pregnancy Disease And Drama

Are more teens having sex, getting pregnant, getting diseases, and suffering debilitating emotional consequences from sexual experimentation We begin with an interesting conundrum. Teens today do report having more sex at younger ages than their parents or grandparents did (or admitted to), but today's teens appear to suffer far fewer consequences from sex than did past generations. A trend often cited as confirming cultural degeneration is reported in the National Survey of Family Growth (NSFG), whose latest survey finds around 25 percent of 15 year-old girls say they have had sex at least once, compared to fewer than 5 percent in 1970.12 Among all girls age 15 to 19, the proportion affirming their own nonvirginity rose from 29 percent in 1970 to nearly half today. A small part of this increase might be due to the falling age of puberty. Alternatively, all that maybe occurring is that today's teenagers are more likely to report on surveys that they have had sex. If you do not...

Popular Books On Teen

Ponton could have made a stunningly factual case that despite apparently engaging in more sex, teens today are taking far fewer risks and suffering diminishing pregnancy and disease outcomes and therefore merit more confidence and affirmation. Instead, by airing dire myths of rising teenage sexual risk-taking and consequences, Ponton sabotages her own appeal that Americans accept teenage sexuality. have sex. All that is needed to demolish this fanciful thinking is to check easily available vital statistics reports, which show that more than 1.5 million girls under age 18 gave birth during the decade of the 1950s. The birth rate among girls under age 15 was 50 percent higher then than now. Teens most certainly did have sex back when Father Knows Best, Doris Day, and Pat Boone ruled the airwaves. Is more kids having sex responsible for the dramatic increases in the rates of out-of-wedlock childbirth, welfare dependency, fatherlessness, and abortion, as Hymowitz charges No. Not even...

Fetal Risk Summary

Bexarotene is contraindicated in pregnancy. No reports describing its use during human pregnancy have been located. Pregnancy should be excluded and the use of effective contraception (two reliable forms used simultaneously) confirmed before bexarotene therapy is started in women of childbearing age. If these criteria are met, therapy should be initiated on the second or third day of a normal menstrual cycle. The contraceptive methods should be used for 1 month before therapy, during therapy, and for 1 month after stopping therapy. The manufacturer also recommends that monthly pregnancy tests be repeated monthly during treatment (1). In addition, male patients with sexual partners who are pregnant, possibly pregnant, or who could become pregnant, should use condoms during sexual intercourse during therapy and for 1 month after therapy has been stopped (1).

Chinese viewpoint

The Dai Mai channel links the Kidneys with the uterus. To the Chinese, if there is a constitutional deficiency of the Kidneys because of excessive sexual activity or excess childbirth, this may injure the Kidneys and lead to deficiency of Jing and Blood. After pregnancy, Jing and Blood accumulate to nourish the fetus via the Bao Mai channel. If the Kidneys are lacking, the fetus cannot maintain its position.

Chapter Eight Same Old Sexism

By self reports, the New American Girl is more likely to have sex at a younger age or, at least, to unashamedly say she does and more likely to talk frankly and publicly. At the same time, compared to her mother and grandmother, she is much less likely to get pregnant, drop out of school, commit suicide or die from self destructive behaviors, get raped, murdered, or beaten up, commit a serious crime, drink, smoke, use prescription drugs, or be depressed. She is vastly more visible in public, more likely to graduate from high school, feels better about herself, is having more fun, feels more connected to her friends, likes the challenge of school and career, works to finance her education, seeks financial independence, and is optimistic about the future. First World girls now connect to a worldwide culture directly from their bedroom Internet screens and a fast-expanding array of mobile technologies. What is most encouraging American young women's rapid improvements and successes...

What Popular Authors Say About Girls

Contrast the generally more optimistic views of young women today with the relentlessly gloomy impressions that modern authors and commentators disgorge about them. Pessimistic views toward girls seem tied to the fact that more girls are outward today and willing to say they have had sex. Pipher, for example, is so deeply fearful of girls' sexual activity ( the issues I struggled with as a college student when I should have sex, should I drink, smoke or hang out with bad company now must be considered in early adolescence ) that she imagines nonexistent crises must be resulting ( the I have advocated for many years for more attention to the crucial, difficult issue of the sexual abuse of children and teens, and readers may excuse my anger at Durham, Levin, and Kilbourne's crowd-pleasing trivialization of this brutal reality as merely the product of sexy, media-seduced kids. Indeed, these authors invite readers to put their pop-culture bogey ahead of real abuses. For example, Levin and...

Incidence Risk for Childbearing

These viruses are found in blood, but can also be found in other bodily fluids (including semen and saliva). They are most commonly transmitted through unprotected sexual intercourse, by sharing injecting equipment or from a mother to her infant in utero or during delivery - known as vertical transmission. Breast-feeding poses a low risk if nipples are not cracked or bleeding3.

Explanation Of Condition

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is a retrovirus that is transmitted sexually (through unprotected sexual intercourse), parenterally (via shared injecting equipment or blood transfusion organ receipt) or from a mother to her infant through vertical transmission (during pregnancy, delivery or breastfeeding). HIV infects the CD4 T-lymphocytes (an essential component of the immune system) rendering them ineffective at fighting infections, and leads to a gradual deterioration in immune function. This leaves the body susceptible to any form of infection, including those commonly present in the body that are usually contained by the immune system (known as opportunistic infections).

Preconception Issues And Care

Unprotected sexual intercourse (regardless of the man's HIV status). They should be provided with quills, syringes and sterile containers, with advice on self-insemination techniques during the fertile period of the menstrual cycle. Guidelines for the fertility management of discordant couples are available from the British Fertility Society6. Where infections are diagnosed, sexual partners should be screened and treated as required.

Blueprints And Hormones

Throughout infant, teenage, and adult life, the way the brain is forged, along with the intricate inter acti ons of h ormones, will have a fundamental effect on th e attitudes , beh avior, and i ntellectu al and emotional functioning of the individual. The way the brain takes shape affects how we see, smell, learn, think, feel, communicate, love, have sex, fi ght , succeed, or fai 1 .

Suppressing Realistic Discussion

Of better sexual health outcomes in European nations.10 The Sexuality The National Abortion Rights League (NARAL-Pro-Choice America) does not even mention poverty or related solutions. Instead, NARAL poses only honest, age-appropriate, and medically accurate sex education that promotes abstinence and provides young people with the information they need to protect themselves as the solution to unacceptably high rates ofteen pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and HIV AIDS infections. The California Adolescent Health Collaborative (CAHC) acknowledges that teen births are more prevalent among populations of lower socio-economic status, but none of its policy recommendations includes measures to reduce youth poverty.13 Instead, CAHC's strategies to reduce teen pregnancy and STIs are to provide teens with the information, skills, and support they need to practice safe sexual behavior, including abstinence increase access to reproductive health care increase the role males play...

The Kindergarten Crossdressing Agenda

Gay young people are at the nexus of the culture war. The Center for Disease Control (CDC)'s 2009 survey found 4 percent of males and 8 percent of females age 15 to 17, and 5 percent of males and 14 percent of females age 18 to 19, reporting they had some kind of sexual experience with same-sex partners. What it was hand-holding golden shower was not specified. Among girls under age 18, both the prevalence and the proportion of sexual experiences consisting of same-sex contact appears two to three times higher than among boys. (I would be amazed if that finding has not made it into some licentious hypocrite's prime-time bellowing.) As for real outcomes, the CDC reports that in 2006, approximately 2,900 men aged 20 to 24 were diagnosed as HIV AIDS-positive from having same-sex relations, 10 times the number of men and 3.4 times the number of women aged 20 to 24 who contracted the disease from heterosexual sex.

What Is Sex Education Anyway

Youths who had received some kind of sex education were compared in terms of self-reported sexual activity, pregnancy, and STD rates to those who had not. Fewer than 10 percent of youths have never received any formal sex information from anyone, and they were far more likely to be very poor, female, black, rural, and from broken families. At its most generous interpretation, this study did indicate that trying to keep teens completely in the dark about sex does not prevent pregnancy, but its extremely broad definition of sex education as just about anything made it less applicable to the debate than would a more rigorous definition.

Bad Consensus Adults Should Force Teenage Motherhood

Ifteenagers are this stupid, then adults must make every important decision for them. One of the most destructive areas of consensus flowing from this assumption has been laws requiring the notification or consent of parents before girls under age 18 can obtain abortions. It is fine for grownups to have sex with underage girls as young as 15, say legislators in 36 states. But underage girls are too immature to get an abortion, say legislators in the 37 states which require parental notification or consent for minor girls' abortions. (In six more states, laws are enjoined pending judicial review.) In California, three efforts to pass a parental consent law at the ballot box have failed, but exit polls indicate that is only because voters under age 30, the most supportive of legal abortion choice of any age group,19 were vigorously opposed. California's most recent exit poll20 found that just 34 percent of voters age 18 to 24 and 38 percent of those age 18 to 29 in the 2008 election...

Bad Consensus Perpetuating Ideology

Liberals' latest ideological salvo (at this writing) is sociologist Mark Regnerus's Forbidden Fruit Sex and Religion in the Lives of American Teenagers (2007),28 generously written up in The New Yorker.29 Regnerus's thesis is that evangelical Protestant teenagers are more likely to have sex at earlier ages, to not use contraception, and therefore to get pregnant than non-religious or non-evangelical teenagers. Evangelical teens may tell surveys they believe in chastity outside of marriage, but they actually engage in earlier and riskier sex. Another bug for self-reporting surveys. Superficially, outcome statistics would seem to back Regnerus's liberal red sex blue sex hypothesis. Red states, which harbor the highest proportions of evangelical Protestants and voted the most for Republican presidential candidates, tend to have the nation's highest rates of divorce, teen pregnancy, and unwed birth. Blue states, which are more religiously diverse and voted for Democrat Obama, generally...

The ABC of Hepatitis1

Infants born to infected mother, having sex with an infected person or multiple partners, injection drug users, emergency responders, healthcare workers, persons engaging in anal oral sex, and haemodialysis patients. Injection drug users, persons engaging in anal oral sex and those having sex with an HDV infected patient.

Child Abuse Physical and Sexual

These actions can be considered sexual abuse fondling, touching, or kissing a child's sex organs making a child touch someone else's sex organs having sex with a child showing a child pornographic material showing sex organs to a child forcing a child to undress forcing a child to have sex with someone making a child pose or perform for pornographic pictures or videos and telling dirty stories to a child.

Chapter Nine Panics Du Jour

Landers, Ann Landers Talks to Teenagers about Sex, Crest (1965). 17. Liz Claiborne Inc. (2008), New research indicates that significant numbers of children as young as 11 are engaging in sexual activity and that dating violence and abuse are part of their relationships, press release, July 8, 2008, Washington, D.C.

Teen Pregnancy Is Strictly An Economic Phenomenon

Fulfilling one aspect of their image, Marin County teenagers do have lots of sex. Or say they do. California's 2007 Survey10 ranked Marin 14 to 17 year olds as the second most sexually active in the state 46 percent had engaged in sexual intercourse, compared to 20 percent statewide. (California's number-one teen-sex county Need you ask San Francisco, where 50 percent reported being nonvirgins.) There is another compelling, largely unmentioned factor in high STD rates among young females, and high HIV rates among young males, which buttresses the argument that teenage sex is not a teenage phenomenon adults have sex with teens.

Chapter Four Marie Antoinette Would Have Loved The National Campaign

R. Noyes, Sexually Active Teenagers Are More Likely to Be Depressed and to Attempt Suicide, Heritage Foundation, Center for Data Analysis Report 03-04, June 3, 2003. 16. T. M. Michels, R. Y. Kropp, S. L. Eyre, and B. L. Halpern-Felsher, Initiating Sexual Experiences How Do Young Adolescents Make Decisions Regarding Early Sexual Activity , Journal of Research on Adolescence, 15 (2005) 583-607.

Discovering Old Epidemics

While opponents of sex education later would hold up pictures of Woodstock to deplore the degeneracy they blamed on permissiveness and sex education, they failed to mention that 1960s teens grew up during the 1950s, when the majority of adolescent 'revolutionaries' had never heard an official word about sex in the schools. In fact, sex education later proliferated as a belated response to the sexual liberalizations of the 1960s. Nowhere was sex education taken up with more vigor than in the California public schools, historian Jeffrey Moran reported in his excellent Teaching Sex.15 Modern sex education had been implemented in San Diego's schools since World War II, and other school districts followed suit. Governor Edmund Brown initiated the Governor's Commission on the Family in 1966 with a specific mandate to develop courses in family life education. These courses approached sexuality with a surprising frankness, and some included a scary new aspect dialogue-centered discussion...

Foreword to the first edition

'Fetus education' was a feature of Chinese obstetrics in ancient times. This was based on the belief that various lifestyle influences from the mother (including diet, work, sexual activity and emotional state) could affect the fetus's forming constitution. This is of course borne out by modern research which shows that various lifestyle habits such as diet, smoking, alcohol consumption and so on do affect the constitution of the fetus deeply. The main difference from the ancient Chinese views on 'fetus education' is that modern Western views concentrate mostly on factors which affect the fetus adversely, while ancient Chinese gynaecologists believed that by manipulating her diet and environment and paying attention to her emotional life, the expectant mother could affect the fetus positively as well. In particular, Dr Xu Zi Cai (493-572) gave detailed instructions on the nourishment of the fetus month by month. He said that in the first month of pregnancy the woman should eat...

The insanity of pregnancy

Catherine Linton's pregnancy is at the heart of Wuthering Heights, literally and figuratively, and represents the completion of the 'wounding' process begun on her first visit to Thrushcross Grange. In their classic reading of the novel, Sandra Gilbert and Susan Gubar argue that when Cathy is bitten at the Grange by the Linton's dog Skulker, with his phallic 'huge, purple tongue', she is 'catapulted into adult female sexuality'.26 It would be more accurate to say that this is the beginning of a process whereby Cathy's body (and her body-ego) become alienated from her, as she is inducted into the structures of middle-class property and propriety. On her return to Wuthering Heights, she is described as having changed from 'a wild, hatless little savage' into a 'very dignified person, with brown ringlets falling from the cover of a feathered beaver, and a long cloth habit which she was obliged to hold up with both hands that she might sail in'.27 She has transformed herself into an...

Chapter Ten Will Sexed Save The

Manhart, and W. E. Lafferty, Abstinence-Only and Comprehensive Sex Education and the Initiation of Sexual Activity and Teen Pregnancy, Journal of Adolescent Health, 42 (2008) 344-351. 29. J. Russell, Abstinence-Only and Comprehensive Sex Education and the Initiation of Sexual Activity and Teen Pregnancy, Youth Today, May 2008, 27.

Back To The Circus

A parade of authors and experts unreeled licentious tales of teen, preteen, and preschool sex, as identical in horror and titillation as they were bereft of evidence.3 Is there some expert-media plot to convince sixth graders that everyone their age is having sex Major research institutes assigned employees to wait for it count the number of times sexy or boob or doing it, or any kissing, hugging, flirting, or even the mildest allusions to sex occurred or were hinted at or otherwise insinuated on popular television shows.4 This ludicrous tee-hee inventory was scaled along some kind of screen-sex metric to produce real-sounding numbers to buttress alarms of 50 percent or 70 percent (or whatever) increases in sex on TV which instigated clown-ishly unscientific studies claiming even mild TV-program innuendoes incite millions of teen pregnancies which triggered clarions by TV news outlets ever-eager for chances to replay (that is, advertise) their networks'...


Ali and Maria came to see me for help with relationship problems. They had been married for nearly a year but the relationship did not appear to be consummated. Maria had been studying in England when she met Ali and had come from Greece to live permanently here when they married Ali was Algerian and the couple communicated in English although it was not their first language. Communication was undoubtedly difficult and the couple seemed unable to make the other understand how they felt. Ali desperately wanted children and was sure that Maria did too. Consequently Ali was perplexed by their inability to have a full sexual relationship. Maria, however, appeared much more ambivalent about everything. In marrying Ali she had left her family and her home and had given up her studying to work in a restaurant. Ali ran the restaurant and organised when Maria would be working. When Ali was working, she mostly sat at home alone in their flat and had made few friends. She said she had planned to...

That interfaces with

The higher proportion of live-born young resulting from this system requires a higher investment per oocyte, but furnishes greater overall reproductive success, gene transmission and speciation. In humans, the allocation of resources that might have been devoted simply to generation of innumerable eggs for external fertilization has been replaced by the cyclic modification of the reproductive organs, sexual activity, placentation, gestation, parturition and lactation.5 All of this developed in the remnants of the ancient excretory tract, with the preservation of many of its mechanisms for interacting with an aquatic external environment.

81 introduction

Teen pregnancy is recognized as a high-risk condition because it is associated with obstetric complications such as preeclampsia, preterm delivery, low-birth-weight infants, and neonatal death, especially in very young teens 2-4 . This was recognized as early as 1856 by Alcott 1 and is true across cultures and continents 2 . Adolescent pregnancy is a significant public health issue in the United States and in other nations 1-3 . Adolescents have been establishing pregnancies throughout recorded history and presumably before. Throughout history, depending on food availability and the health of the population, menarche occurred earlier or later. With sexual maturity came sexual activity and pregnancy. In colonial America, teen pregnancy was possibly the norm, and young marriage was certainly acceptable. The values associated with marital versus premarital sex have fluctuated based on economics of the time and the cultural and religious beliefs of an individual community. In the...


Genital herpes infection can be dangerous for a newborn baby. It can be caught through genital contact with an infected person or from oral sex with someone who has oral herpes (cold sores). Initial infection causes very painful blisters or ulcers on the genitals. Less severe recurrent attacks usually occur for some years afterwards. If you, or your partner, are infected, use condoms or avoid sex during an attack. Avoid oral sex if you or your partner have cold sores or active genital herpes. Tell your doctor or midwife if either you or your partner have recurring herpes or develop the symptoms described above. If your first infection occurs in pregnancy there is a treatment available, although its use is controversial.

Becoming a mother

The decision to embark on the pleasure of parenthood is rarely made immediately prior to conception but is a culmination of a woman's culture, age, social class, peer pressure and relationship status. Each decision to 'try for a baby' is unique to that individual, and may or may not involve the prospective father. Indeed, it may not have been a conscious decision at all, but the result of lack of knowledge, limited access to effective contraception or a laissez faire approach to unprotected sexual intercourse. In the USA it is estimated that there are 3.5 million unplanned pregnancies each year (Klima 1998).

Womans nature

The important discovery is, that if, before sexual intercourse, the female introduces into her vagina a piece of sponge as large as can be pleasantly introduced, having previously attached a bobbin or bit of narrow riband to withdraw it, it will be found a preventive to conception . of human beings' - although it is important to recognise that it was also the case that much physiological knowledge could then, as now, only be derived from experimental work on non-human subjects.10 The analogy is certainly used in varied ways - while Walker yokes together women and 'the inferior animals', Power was concerned to establish a categorical distinction between morally responsible human beings (women being the pre-eminent bearers of sexual morality) and 'the inferior animals'. Other commentators such as William Acton deployed the comparison in a relatively neutral fashion. Acton's well-known tract on The Functions and Disorders of the Reproductive Organs (1857), which went into many editions,...

Mayas story

Emergency Caesarean section after failed attempts at a ventouse delivery. She took quite some time to recover but after a few weeks all was well. When her baby was a couple of months old, her husband was keen to begin a sexual relationship again. However, she said that whenever he tried to climb on top of her she felt as if she was being smothered and had flashbacks to how she had felt as they had prepared her for a general anaesthetic to deliver the baby. At the time her blood pressure had risen and she feared for her life as she went under the anaesthetic. This in turn had reawakened memories of being a very young child and how her teenage brother had come to her room in the night and put his hand over her mouth to keep her silent while he abused her.

Sex in Pregnancy

Being pregnant does not diminish the desire for intimacy between couples. However many couples have concerns that sexual intercourse may harm the pregnancy in some way. Yes, if you are having an uneventful pregnancy. Sex is safe and has no harmful effects on the pregnancy or the fetus. Although there are concerns that the womb may experience contractions after an orgasm, these are harmless in most instances and would not precipitate labor in a pregnant woman.

Abstinence Failures

Abstinence-only education's stated premise in the Adolescent Family Life Act that created it is that Americans subscribe to a standard that reserves sex solely for marriage. This joke is not even funny. The National Center for Health Statistics' 2002 Sexual Behavior survey found American heterosexual men aged 40 to 44 (the age to be dads of teens) reported having had a median of 8.2 female sexual partners in their lives. Five in six had had sex with three or more, 58 percent with seven or more, and one-third with 15 or more women in their lives. Heterosexual women that age reported a median of 3.8 male sexual partners, with two-thirds having had sex with three or more men, 30 percent with seven or more, and 11 percent with 15 or more men in their lives. (I know I cannot explain these discrepancies by gender either, and the usual caveats about surveys apply to this one.) Contrary to the snide asides about adolescent promiscuity, the vast bulk of promiscuity takes place in adulthood....

Herpes Simplex

Cause The two types of herpes simplex generally cause different types of infections. Herpes simplex virus-type 1 (HSV-1) most often causes cold sores around the mouth. Herpes simplex virus-type 2 (HSV-2) usually causes genital herpes, which occur mainly in sexually active adolescents or adults.

Case Study 163

A woman in her mid-30s gave birth to twins, her first pregnancy. The pregnancy had been without incident although the birth was traumatic, with a 30-hour labour ending with a caesarean section. The mother recovered well physically but emotionally became very withdrawn, having previously been very extrovert and fun loving. She talked of feeling 'fat and ugly' and felt sexually rejected by her partner even though he claimed to enjoy sex with her. Even after 3 months she still felt as bad, resenting the twins for 'taking away her figure' and negating the role of a mother, seeing it as a 'worthless occupation'. She had very black moods and fought daily with her husband, who was at a complete loss with her behaviour, not understanding the dramatic change in her. When she came for treatment she was diagnosed with a causative factor in Metal (Lung and Large Intestine) and was treated on this Element weekly for 3 months. She noticed a dramatic improvement almost immediately, feeling lighter,...

Episiotomy Aftercare

As the episiotomy heals and the wound edges are drawn together, you may feel some mild discomfort. Healing is complete after 6 weeks of delivery. It is essential that you keep to the follow up appointment and after your doctor gives you the go-ahead, you can resume your sex life and exercise.

Erectile dysfunction

Diabetic men have a higher prevalence of erectile dysfunction (ED) than nondiabetic men. Erectile function is primarily a vascular phenomenon, triggered by neurologic controls and facilitated by appropriate hormonal and psychological components. All of these factors are affected by diabetes. Recent advances in the understanding of the physiology of penile vas-culature and its role in male sexual performance have influenced the clinical approach to ED. A thorough history and physical examination are an important aspect of ED management. It is also important to rule out secondary causes such as hypogonadism and thyroid abnormalities.125

C Sexual Relations

(1) It has been suggested, but not proven, that premature delivery may be induced by the effect of oxytocin released during maternal response of organs, orgasmic contractions, and prostaglandin in the male ejaculate. (2) There are no restrictions on sexual intercourse during pregnancy except for those patients who have a history of ruptured membranes, vaginal spotting, or have been treated for preterm labor during this pregnancy. (5) Patients or couples should also be cautioned against masturbatory activities when orgasmic contractions are contraindicated. Studies have shown that orgasm is often more intense when induced by masturbation. The fetal heart rate decreases during orgasm. Fetal distress has not yet been noted.

1915 All Over Again

At least seven U.S. presidents had sex with teenagers. James Monroe, Martin Van Buren, Andrew Johnson, Teddy Roosevelt, and Jimmy Carter impregnated their adolescent wives. Thomas Jefferson and John Kennedy had mid-life extra-marital affairs with teens aged 14 and 15, respectively. Those are just the ones we know about. Five U.S. First Ladies, from Elizabeth Monroe to Rosalynn Carter, were pregnant teenagers. The mother of the current president, Barack Obama, was an unwed, pregnant 17 year-old.1 Quite the venerable history for what is now deplored as an epidemic crisis that offends America's fundamental morals, spits on our family values tradition, and creates massive social costs. Look in standard indexes such as Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature, and you find little mention of teen pregnancy prior to the 1970s.2 While past generations accepted teenaged wives and mothers even as young as 16 or 17 (as long as their men were considerably older), they did not accept teenaged girls...

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