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The Most Powerful All-in-one SEO Tool Suite

SERPed is a game-changing SEO suite aiming to unify all the must-have tools needed to rank your website higher, outperform your competition and grow your business. The suite includes tools that will help you to easily and quickly discover profitable keywords, perform SEO analysis from just a single interface, site management, track all major search engines across different devices and locations, client acquisition, and detailed reporting. SERPed integrates data from the world's most trusted sources such as Google, Moz, Majestic, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, Amazon, GoDaddy, Wordpress, among many others. Additionally, SERPed also comes along with other tools such as Link Index that helps you send links to up to 3 different link indexing platforms. Apart from Link Index, other tools include Google Index Checker, Spintax Checker, Grammar Checker, Content Curator, and Content Restorer. SERPed provides high-quality tools and services alongside world-class customer support system as well as video tutorials to help you get started swiftly. Their FAQ's section also covers virtually anything you may encounter while using the software. Read more here...

The Most Powerful Allinone SEO Tool Suite Summary

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Evidencebased medicine and health information access

Literature about the frequency of questions occurring in clinical practice (0.7-1.5 per patient).26 The vast majority are 'foreground questions' concerning management of a specific patient. 'Background questions' that seek more general medical information are fewer, especially among more experienced clinicians. Nonetheless, current information sources, such as electronic textbooks, focus on providing answers to background questions. In fact, questions about therapy consist above than 50 of clinical questions, while diagnostic issues account for less than 30 of questions.27 Green et al. demonstrated that a group of residents believed that 70 of evidence-based answers to their questions would have changed the management of patients and that 34 of questions might involve harm for the patient if not answered.28 Marshall reported that 80 of participating physicians changed their care as a result of evidence. He also calculated that these changes reduced mortality risk in 19 of patients,...

A future scenario

Upon her weekly log in to her personal health record (PHR) she notices that the 'health maintenance' label, in the lower corner of the screen, is flashing. BA clicks on it and sees a message that 2 years have passed since her last mammogram and the system recommends her to get a mammogram. BA thinks she has recently had one and is not sure she needs it. She clicks on the message and it changes to a view of all of her mammograms over the past 5 years. It appears the system is correct she does indeed need a mammogram. By clicking on the message for the new mammogram she is able to send an electronic message to the radiology department at her local hospital and confirm an appointment for her mammo-gram next week. Using her PHRs built-in Google search engine, with its pre-defined medical search algorithm, BA 'Googles' pre-appraised high quality information regarding new methods of diagnosing breast cancer. She is particularly impressed with a short video that...

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