Lacrimal Abnormalities

Figure 2.27. A dacryocystocele may occur as an autosomal dominant in families as exemplified by these twins. The lacrimal sac is blocked at both ends and a sterile swelling appears as a purplish swelling adjacent to the base of the nose. Simple lacrimal probing allows for a swift resolution of this problem; however, if there is anything atypical about the location or the appearance of the swelling, an ultrasound of the brain should be obtained to exclude an encephalocele.

Premature Female Maturity



Premature Female Maturity

Figure 2.28. If a lacrimal cyst becomes infected, the skin overlying the cyst becomes edematous and ery-thematous. Because septicemia, meningitis, and/or cavernous sinus thrombosis may occur, systemic antibiotics are indicated. Following a short period of antibiotics, probing of the lacrimal system should be performed.

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