Reproductive Anatomy And Physiology Section I The Female Reproductive System 11 General

The organs of the reproductive systems are concerned with the general process of reproduction, and each is adapted for specialized tasks. These organs are unique in that their functions are not necessary for the survival of each individual. Instead, their functions are vital to the continuation of the human species. In providing maternity gynecologic health care to women, you will find that it is vital to your career as a practical nurse and to the patient that you will require a greater depth and breadth of knowledge of the female anatomy and physiology than usual. The female reproductive system consists of internal organs and external organs. The internal organs are located in the pelvic cavity and are supported by the pelvic floor. The external organs are located from the lower margin of the pubis to the perineum. The appearance of the external genitals varies greatly from woman to woman, since age, heredity, race, and the number of children a woman has borne determine the size, shape, and color. See figure 1-1 for the female reproductive organs.

Female Reproductive System
Figure 1-1. The female reproductive organs (sagittal section).

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    Where is the perineum located on a woman?
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    Where is a perineum located on a female reproductive system?
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