Use moxa on SP1 and encourage the patient to continue use at home

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Celia had had three pregnancies, all the result of IVF, but all had ended in miscarriage. In one pregnancy she sadly lost the baby at 24 weeks. She came to me for acupuncture in desperate hope, prior to her fourth IVF attempt.

Her main weakness was a Kidney deficiency, which was exacerbated by all the IVF drugs. She became pregnant but at 5 weeks she started to bleed. The treatment I gave her concentrated on SP-1, which I heated with moxa cones. I also gave her sufficient cones to take away, so that her partner could treat her once a day. I tonifed BL-17 (for the Blood) and BL-23 (for the Kidneys). The bleeding stopped.

The same thing happened again every 2-3 weeks. She was understandably very fearful and refused a scan, as she was worried about the effect of the ultrasound and did not feel the benefits were worth the risk. She kept up the acupuncture treatments and the bleeding continued at intervals with no known cause until she was 20 weeks. She went on to deliver a healthy boy at 39 weeks.

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100 Pregnancy Tips

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