Treatment with acupuncture

In Chinese terms, the main reason for abdominal pain would be Blood stasis, poor circulation of Qi and Blood, and Blood deficiency. A pre-existing Blood deficiency is also likely to cause abdominal pain, as the blood is diverted to nourish the fetus. Emotional problems, especially anger and resentment, will cause Liver Qi stagnation.


I have tried a variety of points (Fig. 7.3), always avoiding the abdomen directly, and have found BL-17 and BL-20 to be effective. Tonify with moxa cones. The Spleen is considered the foundation of postnatal life and the source of Blood and these points strengthen the Spleen and the Blood, especially where the pain is due to Blood deficiency.

If the cause is stagnation of Qi, the symptoms will be a distending pain in the lower abdomen. Such women are usually very irritable and depressed, and probably suffered a lot of Liver Qi stagnation prior to getting pregnant. Use even technique on PC-6 and LR-3 together, to calm the mind and move the Qi. One woman I treated was admitted to hospital with severe abdominal pain. She was very irritable and depressed. Although given every test possible, no medical explanation could be found for her pain. I treated her with acupuncture and there was a definite improvement using the above points.

If the pain is due to Cold and the woman finds that the pain improves when she uses heat, moxa can be used on CV-12 and ST-36 (depending on how many weeks pregnant she is).

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