Research on breech

Studies in China have shown varying success rates, ranging from 80% to 90% (Cardini & Weixin 1998). Research has also shown that the optimal time to carry out moxibustion is at 34 weeks.

Cardini & Weixin (1998) carried out a randomised controlled trial in Italy. Their patients were 260 primigravidas in the 33rd week of pregnancy, all with normal pregnancies and diagnosed as breech position by ultrasound; 130 of the women were randomised to the intervention group and received stimulation to the acupuncture point BL-67 with moxa for 7 days. They were given treatment for a further 7 days if the fetus was still in the breech position. The other 130 were randomised to the control group and received routine care but no intervention. Subjects with persistent breech (after 32 weeks) could undergo external cephalic version any time between 35 weeks and delivery.

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