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The Chinese viewpoint on preconceptual care

Acupuncture treatment to aid conception

Imbalance of the Liver



The menstrual cycle

Factors which affect periods

Treatment with acupuncture during the cycle

Postperiod - day 5 to day 11 Ovulation - day 11 to day 15 Postovulation, premenstrual - day 15 to day 28

Natural family planning

The female cycle

The vital role of nutrition in pregnancy

Optimum nutrition Infertility

Nutrition to prevent defects

Negative influences on prenatal health

Stress Smoking Alcohol intake Drugs

Toxic chemicals, metals and minerals How to protect yourself nutritionally Other points on protecting yourself from pollution

6 Exercise 8

13 13

14 14 16

16 17

Healthy parents produce healthy babies. And healthy babies, in general, have a better chance of growing into healthy children and healthy adults. All parents hope that their baby will be free of abnormality, 'bouncing' and strong, not sickly and weak.

Professor David Barker, head of the Environmental Epidemiology Unit of the Medical Research Council, has been conducting research into the effect of the mother's nutrition prior to conception and during pregnancy on the health of her children in later life. His early conclusion is that: 'it looks as though getting it right at the beginning may be a key to good health throughout life'. Ensuring optimum health in both partners in the period leading up to conception (as well as in the mother during pregnancy) can do a great deal to enhance fetal growth and minimise the risk of fetal abnormalities.

This chapter looks at the way in which parents can influence the health of their unborn child by optimising their own health before conception occurs. It examines the simple measures that can be taken to eliminate toxins, allergies and environmental pollutants from the body, along with all the other negative influences on prenatal health. It discusses methods of natural family planning and the vital role that nutrition plays, both preconceptually and throughout pregnancy. It explains

conception from the viewpoint of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and details the acupuncture points that can be used prior to conception and at particular stages of the menstrual cycle. Finally, it gives pointers on exercise when planning a baby.

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