Case Study 152

Anne came to me for treatment for anxiety during her second pregnancy. During her first labour she had needed an epidural, a process during which the patient is gently held by the midwife as the anaesthetist inserts the needle into her back. However, this experience had unlocked for Anne repressed memories of being raped at the age of 6. She became hysterical when she felt she was being forced down and had to be restrained. She subsequently received counselling but when she came to me for acupuncture, she was full of fear and anxiety about what would happen in her next labour. Together, we wrote a long letter to explain to the midwifery staff what had happened to her and why it had happened, asking that she be treated with care and understanding. This letter was put in an envelope and placed in her hospital notes so that only the medical staff would see it. (This can be done on behalf of any patient.) The staff were very understanding and Anne went on to have a normal delivery with no complications.

Getting to Know Anxiety

Getting to Know Anxiety

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