Adverse effects of acupuncture

Although I have treated many pregnant women, there have been only a handful of occasions when the patient has had any negative reaction. This has usually been at a first treatment, when the woman was feeling frightened of the needles. Sometimes I think that as acupuncturists we forget how much people may worry before they come for a treatment!

There have been a couple of incidents when a woman felt faint, weak and clammy. I have immediately taken the needles out, given her a glass of water and encouraged her to lie down for a few minutes. On the next visit, she - and her baby - have both been fine.

On one occasion, a woman who was 33 weeks' pregnant told me that after her acupuncture treatment she had experienced strong contractions. When I questioned her about what she did after the treatment, I learnt that she had caught a train to London from Leamington, spent the whole day on her feet at an auctioneers and had not returned home until 8 p.m.

Another lady I treated had high blood pressure and was suffering from sickness in early pregnancy. I used PC-6 but the minute I put the needles in, she started to vomit. On questioning her, I learnt that she had had no breakfast and had taken her blood pressure tablets on an empty stomach (she was my first appointment of the day). She never returned for another treatment.

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