Acute and chronic back ache and sciatica

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I really enjoy treating women with back ache in pregnancy because I find treatment to be so successful. And in fact, back ache and sciatica are the most common problems I am asked to treat in pregnancy.


Sasha came to me for acupuncture at 25 weeks suffering from vulval varicose veins and varicose veins in both legs. This was Sasha's third pregnancy - she had two boys aged 12 months and 2 years - and she had suffered badly with varicose veins in each pregnancy. She presented with extreme pain which made standing and walking for any length of time unbearable. The pain was also present during the night and she was now totally exhausted. At her first appointment, I needled GV-20 and LR-5 for only 20 minutes with even technique; as she was so exhausted I added BL-23. This seemed to help with the pain immediately as standing up after the treatment, Sasha commented that her legs felt lighter.

At her second treatment, 1 week later, the improvement in the pain had continued, even though there was no change in the size of the varicose veins.

Treatment continued with fortnightly appointments and I added in SP-8, the empirical point of vessels, and BL-20 to her treatments, which now lasted 45 minutes. The vulval veins began to reduce and the leg veins, although prominent throughout her pregnancy, caused much less pain. Sasha gave birth to a healthy girl at 38 weeks.

The lower back includes the lumbar spine, the sacrum, the sacroiliac joints, the coccyx and associated tissues and muscles. It covers the base of the spine and bears most of the weight of the trunk, head and arms, transferring this weight to the hips.

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