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Some mothers start to feel sick or tired around this time or have other minor physical problems for a few weeks (see Common minor problems, page 77).

Take a folic acid supplement and try to eat a balanced diet (see pages 8-12).

You'll probably attend your first antenatal appointment. Appointments will usually be monthly at first (see Antenatal care and antenatal classes, page 51).

Ask about your rights at work and the benefits available (see Rights and benefits, page 130).

if you're on income Support or income-based Jobseeker's Allowance, you can claim free milk tokens (see Rights and benefits, page 136).

Make a dental appointment. Dental care is free during pregnancy and for a year after the birth of your baby.

Antenatal Care Dental Care

Find out about antenatal classes if you have not already done so (see Antenatal care and antenatal classes, page 51).

Begin to think about how you want to feed your baby (see Feeding your baby, page 66).

Make sure you're wearing a bra which supports well.

You may be offered an ultrasound scan which will show your baby moving. Your partner may like to see this too (see Antenatal care and antenatal classes, page 51).

If you've been feeling sick and tired in the early weeks, you will probably start to feel better around this time.

You may be offered tests to check for abnormalities in the baby (see pages 57-9).

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