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Figure 6.19. This infant with ABO incompatibility presented with the typical "blueberry muffin" appearance and hyperbilirubinemia. He had severe hemolysis with a bilirubin level of 18 mg/dL. The blueberry muffin appearance, due to extramedullary hemato-poiesis, improved over die course of a few days.



Figure 6.20. Photomicrograph of a peripheral blood smear in the same infant with a Coombs' positive ABO incompatibility. Note the microsphero-cytes, nucleated red blood cells, target cells, and polychromasia.

Figure 6.21. Skin coloration of infants in the first day of life who are not related. The infant on the left is jaundiced as a result of Rh hemo-lytic disease of the newborn. In comparison, note the normal pink skin of the infant with a large cephalhematoma on the right. The cephalhematoma can be a later cause of hyperbilirubinemia.

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