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Lee Baucom, Ph. D. shows couples with marriage troubles a new way to save their marriage that is far more effective than any marriage counselor in this marriage course. In 4 easy-to-read modules, Dr. Baucom shows the step by step way to save a marriage that is in danger of ending any day. These show the top 5 mistakes that most people make in marriage, the REAL secrets to a happy marriage, why marriage counseling can actually HURT your marriage more, and how to move beyond your emotions into action. This module can actually have you saving your marriage in less than an hour, sometimes even 10 minutes. This book also comes with 4 bonus gifts free: Coping With a Midlife Marriage Crisis, Recovering from an Affair, 5 Rules for Fighting Fair, and an eBook written by a couple who was on the edge of divorce and the methods they used to get a happy marriage back. Marriage can be hard, but divorce is harder, on you and your children. Why risk it? Continue reading...

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Overcome Any Relationship Challenges

The product is a dating advice guide that will give you tips in your dating life as well as tips in marriage. It explores the nature of relationships between men and women and it tries to link it with the current everyday life that is destroying most marriages. It looks at the most important features of relationships and tries to reignite the spark that was felt by the couples that were prevalent in the beginning stages of most relationships. The experts that have made this book will also give you self-care advice and show you how to exactly get your love life back to how it used to be. The product comes in Pdf form and it is a guide text that has many pieces of advice as well as sections and chapters created specifically in order to get your love life to where it used to be. You can rest assured that the attainment process is guaranteed as they will provide an instant access download of the product as well as other bonuses that deal with the same issue. You can use this product to easily read it on your laptop or your phone anytime and anywhere so you can fix your relationship problems on the spot. Continue reading...

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Prenatal Care To Reduce Psychosocial And Environmental Risk

It is now recognized that screening for domestic violence in pregnancy needs to be incorporated as an integral part of the prenatal consultation because it is reported to occur more frequently during pregnancy. In fact, in 1992 Richard Jones III, as president of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, made the reduction of domestic violence against women his presidential initiative in order to focus more attention on the subject. Domestic violence may occur more frequently during pregnancy as a result of the following factors stress related to family transition, including economic changes sexual frustration of the male perpetrator history of child abuse in the perpetrator's family of origin as well as the current family and the defenselessness of the pregnant woman (65). The stress of pregnancy can be an additional precipitating factor in families in which there is already a high degree of stress. The magnitude of the problem is astounding when one considers that some...

Refighting Yesterdays

I do not pretend neutrality in the old-school quarrel. As detailed in Chapter 10, my doubt that what schools teach has any great effect on teen pregnancy rates in either direction should not be taken as indifference to the factual and moral atrocity that abstinence-only education represents. Abstinence-only (including abstinence-lite that pushes chastity while short-shrifting alternatives) is not only ineffective and misleading it is morally objectionable. It is simply not true, as Congress's 1981 Adolescent Family Life Act (AFLA) insisted, that abstinence from sexual activity outside of marriage is the expected standard Americans observe. Surveys, unwed pregnancy rates, STD rates, divorce rates, and other measures confirm that, as a class, American adults most especially adults age 20 and older who cause the large majority of what we call teen pregnancies do not follow any such standard. In particular, grownups in the red states from whence the most conservative lawmakers pushing...

Havent had a chance to think about my pregnancy building a relationship with the baby

Example, playing music to the baby while still in the womb. The evidence for this is equivocal and really so much less important than the fact that trying to get to know your baby and being aware of him before he is born can improve your relationship with him after he is born. Many health visitors who work with women who are not coping or are depressed in pregnancy find that where mothers are encouraged to think about or imagine their baby, this helps to prevent emotional problems post-natally. So if you want to talk to your unborn baby while doing the housework, then do it it's good for you both

Prevalence of Mood and Anxiety Disorders During Pregnancy

Although some reports describe pregnancy as a time of affective well-being during which protection against psychiatric disorders is conferred, at least one prospective study describes equal rates of minor and major depression (approximating 10 ) among gravid and nongravid women (O'Hara et al. 1990). Several other studies also note high rates (up to 20 ) of clinically significant depressive symptoms during pregnancy (Evans et al. 2001 Gotlib et al. 1989 Marcus et al. 2003 O'Hara 1986, 1995). A personal history of affective illness significantly increases this risk (Gotlib et al. 1989 O'Hara 1995), and the risk appears to be particularly high among women with recurrent depression who discontinue maintenance treatment proximate to conception. A recent prospective study indicated that 75 of women who discontinue medication experience recurrent illness during pregnancy (Cohen et al. 2004a) in most cases, relapse occurred during the first trimester. Other risk factors for antenatal...

For Dads Reacting to the News

Honey, I think I'm pregnant You hear the words that millions of other men before you have heard and you feel pure joy and excitement. Well, not really. You probably also feel some concern, even fear, for the future. Rest assured that these feelings are completely normal. You may be concerned about how parenthood may change your relationship with your partner. You may be concerned about how parenthood could change your life in general. You may worry that you and your partner won't be able to support a family financially, or that you won't be a good parent. Just keep in mind that your partner's feelings about having a baby aren't all that different. She's probably having a few worries herself. So talk to her about what you're both feeling.

Stillbirth and neonatal loss

Is for those around them to talk to them, to hear their story and to offer whatever practical support might be necessary. Also they need to be given time to recover. It is this factor often that leads people to seek professional help, as they still need to go over what has happened. Parents usually feel that others don't understand and particularly don't understand how long it can take to grieve the loss of a child. A year or so after such a loss some parents do feel they are recovering but the research suggests that many are still struggling two to three years later. Recovery is also hampered by other problems, for example, if you have difficulties with your relationship, if generally you have a lack of support in your life or if you have had psychological problems in the past. Sometimes parents recognise that they need help because something is getting in the way of them moving on. Recovery can be hampered by feelings of guilt or blame that can be very difficult to discuss with a...

Psychosocial Variables

Psychosocial variables appear to play an important role in determining vulnerability to affective illness during the postpartum period. One of the most consistent findings is that among women who report marital dissatisfaction and or inadequate social supports, postpartum depressive illness is more common (Beck 2001 O'Hara 1986 Paykel et al. 1980 Robertson et al. 2004). Several investigators have also demonstrated that stressful life events occurring either during pregnancy or near the time of delivery appear to increase the likelihood of PPD (Beck 2001 O'Hara 1986 Paykel et al. 1980 Robertson et al. 2004).

196postpartum depression risk factors

Results of individual studies in which predictors of this crippling mood disorder were investigated have been summarized in four meta-analyses 23-25 . In Beck's 23 meta-analyses the following risk factors for postpartum depression were significant prenatal depression, self-esteem, child care stress, life stress, social support, prenatal anxiety, maternity blues, marital satisfaction, history of previous depression, infant temperament, marital status, socioeconomic status, and unplanned unwanted pregnancy. Prenatal depression was one of the strongest risk factors. O'Hara and Swain's 24 and Robertson's et al. 25 metaanalyses corroborated the predictors identified by Beck 23 . The strongest predictors of postpartum depression reported by O'Hara and Swain 24 were psychopathology history

Degeneration and eugenic feminism

An early 'New Woman' novel which reflects anxieties about degeneration and simultaneously promotes a eugenic agenda is Sarah Grand's The Heavenly Twins (1893).15 The novel's concern with these issues is signalled by epigraphs taken from Charles Darwin in one Darwin expresses his agreement with Galton that 'most of our qualities are innate', and in another notes that 'the struggle between the races of man' depends 'entirely on intellectual and moral qualities'. Grand pursues the issue of syphilis and degeneration through the figure of Sir Mosley Mentieth, one of a group of dissolute young officers. When he first appears in the novel the narrator compares him to an ape, thus calling up the shadow of degeneration, or evolution running backwards. He is also described as one of the representatives of 'old English houses that once brought men of notable size and virile sic into the world, but are now only equal to the production of curious survivals, tending surely to extinction like the...

3 Environmental Factors Impacting Child Outcomes

Discord between parental figures has been associated with ineffective parenting styles (53,61,93) and with poor child outcomes in families with mental illness (52,89-93). Marital problems have been found to mediate the relationship between maternal depression and toddler's behavior problems (104) and between maternal depression and children's internalizing symptoms (90).

About This Book

The Art of Pregnancy Photography was written for the intermediate to advanced photographer who wants to add pregnancy photography to his or her repertoire. While many how-to books teach the basic technical information required to conduct a photo session, this book explores maternity photography from a conceptual and artistic point of view. Readers are encouraged to think about the location of the session, what props and fabrics will best enhance the images, how to pose the subject and create an effective composition, how to create dimension and flatter the subject's form with light, and how to apply creative effects to the portraits to take your artistry to the next level. The book also looks closely at the importance of developing your relationship with your subject. It is essential that photographers understand that helping the pregnant woman relax and feel beautiful is just as important to a successful shoot as setting up flattering lighting. Each chapter of the book will explore...


If you are desperate to be pregnant, are in your late thirties and have been trying for many months, then you may feel that you have 'no time to lose' in terms of investigating whether or not there is a problem. However, there are costs to entering the realms of testing. Any type of testing brings with it the risk of 'false positives', that is, a problem may be identified, for example, a man may be told he has a low sperm count, which may in fact not prove to be significant at all. However, being told that you have a 'low sperm count' may have powerful effects on your self-esteem, on your relationship, and particularly on your sexual relationship. Taking any form of testing turns the situation into a 'problem' and may exert unwanted pressure on your sexual relationship. These factors need to be balanced against the realities of your personal situation your age and your medical history, for example.

Unipolar Depression

(approximating 10 ) in gravid and nongravid women (O'Hara et al. 1990). Several other studies have also noted high rates of clinically significant depressive symptoms during pregnancy (Gotlib et al. 1989 O'Hara 1986, 1995). Data from a large-scale cohort study of 14,000 women suggested that antenatal depressive symptoms may be more common than postpartum depression (Evans et al. 2001). A personal history of affective illness significantly increases the risk of antenatal depression (Gotlib et al. 1989 O'Hara 1995) however, for about one-third of the women who become depressed during pregnancy, this represents the first episode of major depression (O'Hara 1995). Other risk factors for antenatal depression include marital discord or dissatisfaction, inadequate psychosocial supports, recent adverse life events, lower socioeconomic status, and unwanted pregnancy (Gotlib et al. 1989 O'Hara 1986, 1995).

31 Risk Factors

The single most significant predictor of postpartum depression (PPD) is prenatal depression (32-35). A meta-analysis by Beck and colleagues (33,36) revealed a comprehensive list of predictors of PPD, including prenatal depression, child-care stress, life stress, lack of social support, prenatal anxiety, maternal relationship dissatisfaction (e.g., marital problems), history of previous depression, difficult or unpredictable infant temperament, maternity blues (tearfulness, anxiety, irritability, and labile mood in the first 10 d postdelivery) (37), low self-esteem, and low SES (33,38). PPD begins during the later stages of pregnancy in 25 of patients (39).

Becoming a mother

However, most pregnancies are planned and, according to Woollett (1991), having children is central to most women's identity. Not only does having a baby confer adult identity but also is an expression of womanhood, being female. It is almost like becoming part of a club where undergoing childbirth and the experience of bringing up a child are the essential prerequisites of membership. There is a common bond with other mothers, each having been through pregnancy, delivery and sleepless nights. Children also bring the security of a long-term relationship, and the decision to have children may even have been made because of loneliness in a marriage (Jennings 1995).

Womans nature

Robert Dale Owen's Moral Physiology or, a Brief and Plain Treatise on the Population Question, published two years later, has a very different emphasis. Owen defines his subject as 'strictly physiological, although connected, like many other physiological subjects, with political economy, morals, and social science'.4 Like Carlile, he emphasises the value of sexual pleasure for both sexes. Sexual abstinence, he argues, is damaging, causing 'peevishness and melancholy', whereas the exercise of the reproductive instinct has an influence which is 'moral, humanizing, polishing, beneficent' (p. 11). However, Owen locates such pleasure in the context of marriage, and his advocacy of birth control is in the interests of greater happiness and equity within marriage. Moral Physiology is, moreover, one of the first texts to make the connection between women's oppression and continual maternity. Owen analyses the asymmetrical relationship of men and woman to reproduction, and asks Although Owen,...


The emphasis of this book has been about being aware and informed and, therefore, trying to prevent problems developing. However, if you do feel you are not coping or feeling fed-up with things you may find that Chapter 8 of this book 'Dealing with anxiety and depression' helps you to understand and approach the problem slightly differently. Part of getting rid of depression is about identifying what the actual problems are that you face and what the emotions, thoughts and feelings are that are holding you back from changing your situation. There are many problems that you usually cannot solve for yourself ill health, poverty, poor housing, violence in another person or marital breakdown. There are always things that you can do to improve your situation but unfortunately depression doesn't let you think like that. Isolation is not good for new mothers but depression tells you 'I'm too fed-up to go anywhere new'. Organisations such as the National Childbirth Trust (NCT) provide...

What do I do next

Need to explore these situations in more depth. Are there unresolved issues in your relationship with your partner, a parent or colleague If your diary is full of negative and self- defeating thinking, it may be that this is causing your depression and you may need to learn to change this (see later section on challenging negative thoughts). Have you stopped doing things that give you pleasure or a sense of achievement Often depression can manifest itself in the 'tired all the time' syndrome. People explain their avoidance of activities as being due to tiredness and this avoidance leads to a less enjoyable life and more of a negative sense of self or lack of purpose. If you are caring for a new baby and getting up at night, you may well justifiably feel tired all of the time but do try and make some time for yourself to do something that you enjoy, even if it is just reading the newspaper for half-an-hour.

Deciding to change

Nobody wants to be depressed or gripped by fears and panics but moving away from these symptoms can be a frightening prospect. Once you have accepted that there is no magic wand and you cannot simply have your depression or anxiety 'taken away', you will begin to realise that you need to make changes if you are to get better. These will be different for each person. This might mean recognising your role in your relationship problems or deciding that you have to confront a difficult situation. In order to tackle your anxiety problems you may need to start going back to situations that you have avoided. Sometimes with all these challenges it can seem easier to do nothing and just hope that soon it will all go away. Sometimes you need help to motivate yourself to do anything differently. Try setting yourself the task of imagining life if you do not change. Try to write a description of your life in five years' time if you continue to be depressed.What will you be doing Where will you be...

Looking ahead

Donald Winnicott introduced the idea of the 'good enough' mother and that is what we should be aiming for. As with any relationship, you cannot always get it right and at times there will be misunderstandings, disagreements or external pressures that make your relationship with your baby difficult or unpredictable. Sometimes you will have to wait and tolerate uncertainty until you work out the way forward together. It is important to remember this as you struggle with each new challenge. If your baby wakes frequently at night after months of 'sleeping through', if he cries a lot because he is frustrated in his attempts to crawl or if he refuses to give up the breast, then it may take time for a solution to develop and you may have to tolerate distress in your baby and yourself.

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