Marketing—a discipline used by business to convert people's needs into profitable company opportunities—is still poorly understood and appreciated by health workers; either they need to learn marketing techniques themselves or to seek assistance from marketing experts. Nurse/entrepreneurs can seek help from small-business centers at universities that help small-business people at no cost, attend marketing classes, and read books on marketing.

The following are basic marketing techniques that LCs may find useful:

• Collect data such as the number and percentage of women giving birth who breastfeed, and survey women who have used lactation services.

• Analyze strengths and weaknesses of competitors and focus on service needs not currently being met.

• Establish a small niche within the health-care market that is ignored by large health-care providers—for example, a postdischarge visit for a back-to-work consult.

• Promote the practice by advertising and public relations: brochures, newsletters, letterhead stationery, business cards, fact sheets, and radio and TV interviews all help to inform clients and other health workers about LC services (Gardner & Weinrauch, 1988).

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New Mothers Guide to Breast Feeding

New Mothers Guide to Breast Feeding

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