Fear of Contracting Disease from the Vaccination

Another common misconception that keeps some parents from getting their children vaccinated is the belief that a vaccine will give the child the disease it is intended to prevent. The truth is, it is impossible to get the disease from a vaccine that is prepared with dead bacteria or viruses or that is made with only a part of the bacteria or virus. The only risk of contracting disease from a vaccine comes from vaccines made from live or weakened viruses, like the oral (but not the injectable) polio vaccine and the chicken pox vaccine (varicella). But even this risk is very small: For every 2.4 million oral polio vaccinations given each year, there is approximately one reported case of the disease resulting from the vaccine. But the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now recommends that a vaccine carrying only the killed polio virus be used—entirely eliminating the risk of children contracting the disease from the vaccine. The few blisters and mild fever that may occur in some children who receive the chicken pox vaccine are much less of a threat than the more serious complications that can occasionally occur if a child gets the disease itself; these include pneumonia, meningitis, serious blood infections, and even death.

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