Convenience and Cost

Breast-feeding moms never run out of milk and don't incur the expense of buying formula. Those who breast-feed exclusively and stay at home with their baby don't have to wash or sterilize bottles, cool or heat formula, carry feeding supplies along on every outing, or run to the kitchen in the middle of the night.

But if breast-feeding mothers begin to leave their baby at home, things begin to even out. They have to express and store milk, invest in equipment, and prepare and clean bottles.

For bottle-feeding, convenience is closely tied to cost. Powdered formula that is mixed with water is relatively inexpensive but takes time and care to prepare. Single-serving, ready-to-eat formulas in disposable bottles are simple but much more expensive. There are also options in between. As a bottle-feeder, you will also need a kitchen full of bottles, nipples, bottle brushes, and maybe a sterilizer. And you will need an insulated bag to cart all these things wherever you go.

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