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This informative program was written by Brad Stevens. He had for a long time battled with erectile dysfunctions which lowered his sex drive. He also noticed that he wasn't on sex mood as he was some time back. Even when he and his wife tried having sex, he couldn't sustain an erection to have a satisfactory sex session. He sought all the necessary remedies and out of the comprehensive research he did, he landed into this effective remedy that he is now happy to offer to the people. Brad shares a very informative program whose aim is to educate people about natural solutions of erectile dysfunction. The program has valuable information about Proteins, Amino acids and enzymes that are necessary in this case. Brad wrote this program for men with erectile dysfunctions. It has all the information they need to use a natural remedy for this condition. This program is a downloadable eBook containing everything you would need to treat erectile dysfunctions. Upon purchase, you will get the complete guide with all the ingredients needed and the methods of making the remedy. Read more here...

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Cure Erectile Dysfunction

This is how This Erectile Dysfunction Cure Works: A man's penis gets hard because blood is pumped into it, like balloon. There are several basic reasons why your sexual organ doesn't get hard enough any more. The causes are both emotional and physical. To simplefy things, you can say it's either because it's not enough blood flows into the penis (pumping in) or an excessive amount blood leaks out of the penis (leaking). I don't need to get into any technical details. The most important thing is that if your cause is physical, then you definitely must exercise all the muscles around the genital area and balance the energy flow down there. (which includes soft muscles inside the penis itself that prevent blod from leaking out). If the problem is emotional (usually connected to anxiety or stress), then you need to learn relaxation techniques and a few basic emotional techniques which can bring you back to your old self. You'll be amazed what these techniques can do to your day to day life too. The majority of men benefit most from practising both the physical and em Read more here...

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Erectile dysfunction

Diabetic men have a higher prevalence of erectile dysfunction (ED) than nondiabetic men. Erectile function is primarily a vascular phenomenon, triggered by neurologic controls and facilitated by appropriate hormonal and psychological components. All of these factors are affected by diabetes. Recent advances in the understanding of the physiology of penile vas-culature and its role in male sexual performance have influenced the clinical approach to ED. A thorough history and physical examination are an important aspect of ED management. It is also important to rule out secondary causes such as hypogonadism and thyroid abnormalities.125 Various treatment modalities have been suggested for ED in diabetic patients. The development of oral medications that inhibit the action of phosphodiesterase in the penile vascula-ture has revolutionized the treatment of impotence in diabetic men. These drugs are currently the treatment of choice for most patients.126,128 However, some authors claim...

Nutrients For Healthy Sperm

Zinc An insufficiency of zinc, often called the fertility mineral',' is believed to lead to a reduced sperm count and erectile dysfunction. Needed to make the outer layer and tail of sperm, i t i s I ost with each ejaculation, so an active sex life a nd a I ow-zinc d et p lace a man at risk of reduced fertility.

Early history of diabetes

Diabetes was well recognized as a medical disorder more than 2000 years ago, and some well-known references are worth quoting. The ancient Egyptian Ebers papyrus, dating to 1500 bc, records abnormal polyuria the Greek father of medicine, Hippocrates (466-377 bc), mentioned 'making water too often' and Aristotle also referred to 'wasting of the body.' Aretaeus of Cappodocia (ad 30-90) in Asia Minor (now Turkey) is credited with first using the name diabetes, which is Greek for a siphon, meaning water passing through the body 'diabetes is a wasting of the flesh and limbs into urine - the nature of the disease is chronic, but the patient is short lived thirst unquenchable, the mouth parched and the body dry '. The famous Arabian physician Avicenna (ad 980-1027) recorded further important observations that maintained and extended the previous Greek knowledge through what became known in Europe as the Dark Ages he described the irregular appetite, mental exhaustion, loss of sexual...

Cant Get Pregnantl Is There Anything Wrong

Hydrotubation Pictures

For a start, one must exclude male or female sexual dysfunction, whereby the sexual act is never carried out anyway. This can lead to a breakdown of the relationship in the long run. There can be many reasons for male sexual dysfunction and an inability to ejaculate. They include impotence, erectile dysfunction, diabetes, prostate surgery or chronic usage of medications, e.g. anti-hypertensives. In the female, vaginismus or pain during sexual intercourse is perhaps the most common cause of female sexual dysfunction.

Effects on male fertility

Studies suggest that sexual dysfunction is frequently associated with diabetes in men and in experimental animals.45 Many of these problems result from diabetes-induced changes in the vascular system as well as in the peripheral and central nervous system that are related to changes in endocrine function.46 Numerous studies have documented abnormalities in testicular function and spermatogenesis in diabetic animals.47 In addition, studies demonstrated reduction in the activity of ATPases and phosphatases in the epidermis and in spermatozoa.48 Impotence, infertility, and retrograde ejaculation have been described in diabetic men, but the etiology remains unclear. The reduction in the fertility of men with long standing diabetes, by affecting spermatogenesis, seems to be similar to the effects of diabetes on the ova.

Fetal Risk Summary

In studies with multiple animal species, no evidence of impaired fertility or teratogenesis was observed with doses up to 40 times higher than the usual human dose (1). Cimetidine does have weak antiandrogenic effects in animals, as evidenced by a reduction in the size of testes, prostatic glands, and seminal vesicles (2,3), and in humans, by reports of decreased libido and impotence (4). Conflicting reports on the antiandrogenic activity in animals exposed in utero to cimetidine have been published (5,6,7,8 and 9).

Pregnancy and Drugs

In male animals, we found lower than normal testosterone levels in the brain and bloodstream of male rats whose mothers were given low doses of phenobarbital late in pregnancy. Even at 120 days of age, these male rats showed abnormal testosterone synthesis, the mechanism responsible for the low concentrations. It is believed that phenobarbital exposure in fetal life may alter brain programming, resulting in permanent changes in sexual function. Phenobarbital is an old drug that is widely prescribed. It is also a component of many multiingredient pharmaceuticals whose use does not abate during pregnancy. The clinical significance of these experiments in animals is admittedly unknown, but the striking effects upon reproductive function warrant careful scrutiny of the safety of these agents during human pregnancy before prescribing them.


Mercury enters the body from pesticides and fungicides, fish, industrial processes and dental fillings. Men exposed to mercury vapour report loss of libido and impotence, and organic mercury exposure has been linked to a whole range of psychological and physical disorders. The Japanese disaster in Minimata in the 1950s resulted in a number of children being born with disabilities after their mothers ate fish polluted with mercury from a local factory.


Primary problems lend themselves to investigation but sometimes no physical problems can be identified and a sizeable group of people have what is termed 'unexplained' infertility. Clearly, the psychological costs of such a diagnosis are high. Sometimes the causes of infertility can be directly due to other problems, illnesses or drug treatments. Sometimes you will have been directly informed of these risks, e.g. that a particular type of medication causes impotence. However, other problems may be hidden a previous history of anorexia nervosa can lead to fertility problems but if the eating problems were never recognised in the past,

5 Postpartum

And can therefore impair a new mother's ability to attend adequately to her infant. Weight gain is another common side effect, and women who are trying to lose the weight they gained during pregnancy may be hesitant to take medications with such an effect. New mothers may be looking forward to the end ofthe pregnancy to resume their pregravid intimate relationships with their partners and may prefer to avoid medications that impair sexual functioning, a widespread side effect of many anti-depressants.

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