2646 Ribavirin

Pharmacology and toxicology

Ribavirin is an antiviral with broad-spectrum activity. Severe viral infections, like hepatitis C (in combination with interferon then) and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infection in young infants.

may be an indication. It was found to be teratogenic and/or embry-olethal in several animal studies. The infants of nine women who were treated with ribavirin for severe measles during the second half of pregnancy did not have an increased incidence of anomalies {Atmar 1992). A woman treated at 7 weeks' gestation with ribavirin by injection at 200 mg/d for 3 days had a normal child (Rezvani 2006). Because of the potential absorption of this agent by hospital staff (when ribavirin aerosol is administered to the patient), concern has been expressed regarding the possible exposure of pregnant healthcare workers to this drug. There is insufficient information regarding exposure to this drug during pregnancy to make any conclusion about its safety. A Ribavirin Pregnancy Registry (www.ribavirinpregnancyregistry.com) has been established to follow women who have conceived while taking the medication, or whose spouse has taken the medication. This Registry also includes women who have concluded their therapy within the previous 6 months, because of the long half-life of Ribavirin.

Recommendation. Ribavirin should be used in pregnancy only for life-threatening infections. Detailed ultrasound diagnosis can be considered after first-trimester exposure. Pregnant hospital staff should refrain from administering ribavirin aerosol to patients on a regular base.

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