Twin and multiple pregnancies

Discovering that you are having more than one baby can come as an enormous shock. Sometimes parents-to-be are aware of a family history of twins but even so the news can be quite overwhelming until you get used to it. Medically twin pregnancies are more complicated as usually the babies are born earlier and more intervention is common. However, your psychological adaptation does not necessarily need to be more negative although the likelihood of more medical complications can increase the psychological risks. After the babies are born, there may be a greater risk of them needing special care and you also have more than one new person to get to know! These factors can make a multiple pregnancy more complicated but clearly your expectations are going to be different: you will probably be more prepared for uncertainty and intervention concerning your delivery which may make the experience easier to come to terms with.

Today many multiple pregnancies are the result of fertility treatment and therefore may have been expected. The meaning here can be different too. You may be delighted with more than one baby if you have struggled for years with the prospect of no children or if this is your last attempt at assisted conception. Alternatively you may have agreed to the implementation of more than one egg with the very strong hope that this would produce just one baby and now feel overwhelmed by this news. There are now restrictions on the number of eggs that can be implanted for this reason.

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