Discovering you are pregnant

That moment of discovering that you are pregnant may not be quite how you imagined. Most women, even those who were desperate to be pregnant, can experience a range of feelings: shock, disbelief, euphoria, tears, all of these may make up your reaction. For some, taking a pregnancy test is a big event that they want to share with their partner. Others may wish to take this step alone or may be uncertain of the involvement of the potential father-to-be. Many women may be fairly sure that they are pregnant but avoid taking a test in order to avoid knowing the result. For some, even after a positive pregnancy test, they may still try to deny the pregnancy until they are ready to deal with the realities of their situation. Partners too may react in unexpected ways: they may be delighted by the news when you had expected them not to be or they may be distant even though you had embarked upon this process together. After the confirmation of the pregnancy by the taking of a test, a process of assimilating the news begins and this journey will continue in the next chapter. For some women, however, conception does not come easily or may not happen at all.

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