Actively managing the pain acupuncture or homeopathy

You may also be planning to use acupuncture, or homeopathy for pain relief, in which case you should use the services of a registered practitioner. The addresses for the associations of homeopaths and acupuncturists are given on p. 181.These organisations will have lists of appropriately qualified practitioners and they will be able to give you advice about what to ask.You should always ask someone about their experience and training when you are looking for a practitioner outside of the NHS. There has been in recent years some good research evidence for the effectiveness of acupuncture in managing pain, in shortening first stage labour and therefore in reducing the need for epidural. This research is still in its infancy but the signs are positive. Obviously, acupuncture is probably best suited to someone who already has experience of it and has a practitioner that is known to them.

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Acupuncture For Cynics

Acupuncture For Cynics

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