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38 nutritional requirements for the active pregnant woman

Oftentimes, active women enter pregnancy underweight, with increased awareness of body image and may resort to caloric intake below recommendations to prevent weight gain in pregnancy. To compensate for nutrient deficiencies, women may over compensate by taking large amount of vitamins or minerals. Although vitamin and mineral supplementation may be beneficial, women should be counseled to avoid excessive micronutrient intake, particularly of the fat-soluble vitamins A and D, which can lead to fetal malformations. Excessive amounts of vitamin D can result in congenital anomalies consisting of supravalvular aortic stenosis, elfin facies, and mental retardation 47 . Women taking high amounts of vitamin A 10,000 IU in supplement form showed higher rates (1 infant in 57) of cranial-neural crest tissue defects 48 . The use of dietary supplements is further discussed in Chap. 14 ( Dietary Supplements during Pregnancy Need, Efficacy, and Safety ).

Specific psychological difficulties in pregnancy

Most people have heard of 'post-natal depression' and are prepared for the weeks after the birth possibly being difficult, but it still remains something of a 'secret' that depression occurs in pregnancy too. As was stated earlier, we enter pregnancy from a particular place in our lives, which might mean struggling to control alcohol or drug problems, or with a tendency to experience panic attacks or anxiety symptoms in certain situations. Pregnancy can re-ignite old difficulties such as problems with body image and fears about controlling your eating. For women who have experienced childhood sexual abuse, pregnancy may trigger or exacerbate

83developmental considerations for the adolescent

Erickson proposed the developmental tasks of teenagers as accepting body image, determining and internalizing sexual identity, developing a personal value system, preparing for productive function, achieving independence from parents and, finally, developing an adult identity 8 . Pregnancy, planned or unplanned, has a tremendous impact on all of these tasks, both positive and negative. How does a young woman accept a body image that is changing every week How does she deal with a rapid weight gain in a culture that is fraught with skinny images and advertisements for weight loss products It has been reported in the literature that lesbian and bisexual young women are at higher risk for pregnancy compared with their peers, although it is unclear why this is the case how do their attempts to internalize their sexual identity impact on this risk 10 Some young women may plan their pregnancy to demonstrate their complete rejection of their parents' value system (thus stating their own) and...

94anorexia and bulimia nervosa during pregnancy

Many factors are important to a successful course and outcome of pregnancy. Yet, prepregnancy weight and weight gain by the mother during pregnancy (see Chap. 2, Optimal Weight Gain ) are the two most salient indicators of infant outcome, including birth weight 19, 20 . Common characteristics of AN and BN are body image dissatisfaction or disturbances and desire to prevent weight gain. Thus, pregnancy presents a pivotal life cycle stage for a woman with AN or BN, because body weight and shape transform gradually over the course of pregnancy and abruptly upon delivery.

Mental and emotional aspects

Far beyond a superficial 'loss of body image' or 'resentment of loss of freedom'. Mothers need time to prepare, emotionally as well as practically and physically, for the transformations involved in becoming a parent. First-time mothers in particular, many of whom work much longer and later in their pregnancies, leave themselves little time for mental preparation before their baby arrives. It is possible this may have a detrimental affect on the fetus, whose growth rate can slow down if the mother does not take time to rest and prepare herself.

135 popular diets implications for pregnancy

In general, it is important for women to understand that the goal during pregnancy is a healthy baby and not weight loss. Pregnant women should not fall prey to fad diets or diet plans that limit the types of foods that can be eaten. With the ongoing exposure to the written and visual media directed at body image, it is not surprising that some pregnant women might become fearful of weight gain during pregnancy and consider very meticulous and restricted eating plans. These plans are likely to parallel the popular diets being marketed at the time. The challenge to practitioners is to stay abreast of current diet trends so they are prepared to educate women regarding potential pitfalls of these weight loss plans specific to pregnancy. Fortunately for doctors, nurses, dietitians, and other allied health professionals working with pregnant women, the principles and recommendations for healthy weight gain during pregnancy are straightforward allowing for easy identification of nutrient-...

6 Assessing The Suspected Presence Of An Eating Disorder

That the two questions Do you ever eat in secret and Are you satisfied with your eating patterns had high sensitivity and specificity in identifying patients with BN. It has recently been suggested that questions asked sensitively at the time ofweight taking, such as How are you feeling about the weight you've gained so far , might encourage additional discussion about eating issues (13). Questions that specifically inquire about weight history, satisfaction with weight and body image, dieting history, and lowest and highest postadolescent weight may provide an entr e into discussion about past or present disordered eating behaviors.

Noncompliance nonadherence

For the physician, patients' noncompliance is synonymous with disobedience. Patients value convenience, money, cultural beliefs, habits, body image, etc. Patients use their judgment when presented with a medical protocol and decide if to adhere to the protocol and or which components of the protocol they will adhere to from their subjective, cultural, autonomous life view. Noncompliant or non-adherent patient behaviors

84 nutrient needs of the pregnant adolescent

The overall issue of weight gain may be problematic for teens responding to the skinny image presented in pervasive media. Croll in Guidelines for Adolescent Nutrition Services 30 presents an entire chapter dedicated to body image issues and tools to assist teens to establish a healthy appreciation for their unique appearance. She suggests that routine patient counseling should include assessment for body image concerns, and if present, teens should be provided with appropriate resources to address these issues. In her book, Croll provides specific questions to use in assessing body image, and suggests several strategies and tools to use with teens and their parents on body distortion, dieting, and media literacy. The same source 30 also has a chapter by Alton on eating disorders and offers diagnostic criteria and treatment information for these psychiatric syndromes with disturbed body images.

Cosmetic Lies About Girls

Even if America's New Girl is healthier, saner, safer, happier, and dramatically more accomplished by nearly every major index, do subtler psychological trends show she's sicker today Let us get to the sexuality-centered issue of modern worries about girls' attitudes body image. In Courtney Martin's unhappy world, crushing anxiety about inadequate bodies is what the large majority of girls and young women 11 wake up in the morning to walk around all day resisting go to bed sad and hopeless about (emphasis hers). This sort of anxiety supports traditionalists' views that females are too fragile to assume larger roles in society and should be confined safely to the kitchen. But surely, experts and People magazine covers proclaim, girls' body-image miseries are reflected in an epidemic of cosmetic surgery The New Girl is supposedly so body-obsessed that, in the words of journalist Alissa Quart in Branded The Buying and Selling of Teenagers (2003), teenagers now alter their bodies...

83 Third Trimester

Body image issues, although present throughout pregnancy, tend to be especially problematic during this time. The eating-disordered patient is generally not able to accurately estimate her body size, even when she is thin or of normal weight. Her perception of her pregnant body is likely to be even more distorted. In seeing herself as bigger than she really is, her tendency may be to revert to minimizing her intake to keep herself from getting larger. The patient's increased weight in pregnancy may bring back memories of her pubescent weight gain, which may have

10 Postpartum Issues

We can speculate that patients with eating disorders have stresses that may not be present in healthy women, such as body image issues, extreme weight concerns, anxiety, and symptomatic behaviors, which may make them more vulnerable to depression in the postpartum period. In addition, approx 40 of women with eating disorders have a history of affective disorder (43), which also puts them at risk for PPD (44). Fur