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I VF (see page 38) involves ferti li z ati on takin g place outsi de th e uterus. It improves the odds that sperm can fin d and fertiliz e an egg bee ause th ey don't h ave to negoti ate th e fallopi an tube. If the sperm are weak and cannot ferti li ze th e egg without further h elp , th ey may be injected into th e egg by means of a procedure c ailed intr a- cytoplasmic sperm

ICSI involves a single sperm being injected into the egg using a fine glass needle under a microscope.


undergoing in vitro fertilization

In vitro fertiliz ation (IVF) i nvolves an egg bei n g removed from your body and fertilized i n a labor atory un der c arefully c ontrolled conditions.

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