How Ivf Works

Ten to twenty follicles are "cultivated" by means of hormone and other drug treatment. Further drugs a re administered

3 6 hours before egg collection to release the eggs a nd mature them before they a re extracted by a probe u nder general

Day 12 of menstrual cycle Eggs mature, ready for collection a nesthetic. The fertilized eggs a re placed i n the uterus, which has been prepared h ormonally to r eceive a n embryo.

Day 13 Eggs are retrieved using a vaginal ultrasound or laparoscopy

Day 14 IVF or ICSI method used to fertilize mature eggs

Day 15-18 Embryos loaded into catheter and inserted into the uterus

Relaxation and stress relief are key to your preparation for IVF—find techniques that fit easily into your life.

Likewise, if you are seriously we a we y.

• Avoid smoky atmospheres. The chemicals in cigarette smoke adversely affect the uterine lining.

• Avoid aerobic exercise. Your body needs rest as your h ormonal system shuts down to prep are for IVF. Do gentle forms of exercise, such as walking, swimming, and yoga.

acc ordin g to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), reproductive ve y we these times is key to increasing their energy levels.

• Fi nd a rel ax ation techn i que th at suits you . Try meditation, yoga, or T'ai Chi.

—picture the eggs maturing, the uteri ne li nin g ripen in g, and th e m o m .

• Research shows that acupuncture may help relieve stress and balance the body, build up the uterine lining by improving pelvic blood flow, and grow follicles. After the eggs have been transferred to your uterus, it may encourage implantation and the maintenance of a pregnancy.

• Reflexology can be helpful in prep arati on for IVF, p arti cularly on th e p arts of th e foot correspon din g to th e pelvis and lymphatic system. Tell the pr actition er you are pl an nin g a pregn an cy.

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