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No one is sure why identical twins occur, but a dominant maternal gene may cause a single fertilized egg to split. Fraternal (dizygotic) twins are easier to explain because they tend to run in families or occur when fertility treatment boosts the number of eggs released or when two or more fertilized eggs are returned to the uterus during IVF (see page 45). Th w t o x w m m k o m ve a at w o w m y o y ve wh o b wo w w o g e y a t o r m by.

Th e t mu g be more difficult, and put you into the category of a " hi gh risk " pregn ancy. In the first trimester, o m o l e wh t m y m m w l such as morning sickness, will be exacerbated w w . w o pren at al c are , your b abie s will thrive.


Many women, especially those who have had IVF, e ke y e x m e by. Yo m y ve vat ve m o

( HCG)—the hormone detectable in a pregnant

Two babies are clearly visible on this ultrasound image, confirming the presence of a multiple pregnancy.

woman's blood or urine about 10 days after conception . An ultrasound scan will confirm that o x w m . wo wo it' s twins! If it can also be seen that they are of a e x o w w at at m g


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