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Vis ua I i zati on i s a powerfu I tool u sed by many athletes to en ha nc e th e i r performance. It can be used in conjunction with hypnotherapy to improve mind-set. I see many women stuck in a negative mind-set in early pregnancy. Th ey a r e a nx i o u s a bo u t h avi n g s c a n s o r, i f t h ey 've h a d a miscarriage previously, they doubt their ability to carry a b a by to t e r m.

• Li e o n you r back with your hands resting gently on your a bdo men and focus your mind on your uterus.

• I magine your baby's heart beating strongly. Visualize the pi a c enta a s a root syste m, transporting vital nutrients and oxygen to su sta i n you r ba by a nd establ i sh th e found ati on s of i ts g rowth .

• Let g o of a ny oth er th oug hts th at en te r you r mind. Convey thoughts of how much you want this baby.

• Th i s for m of exercise is like meditation: it will help calm a n d r e I ax yo u . I t i s a way of staying focused and clearing ou t u nwanted th oug hts . Do this connection exercise for

2 0 minutes a day during the first trimester, either in the morning or in the evening.

• There i s no s et formula for connecting with your baby; we each h ave our own I evel of r eceptiveness. S ome of you will close your eyes a nd easily be a ble to conjure u p i mages. I f you find i t d ifficult, I ook a t a scan picture or a n i mage i n this book d epicting the s ta ge you a re a t i n your pregnancy.

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