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Womens rights and the antenatal environment

In a key exchange in Herland, Gilman challenges such views. The population of Herland has been controlled voluntarily. Most women choose to have only one child, and if they begin to feel the desire for another, they distract themselves by throwing themselves into hard physical work (perhaps a comic allusion to Victorian 'cures' for excessive sexual desire). Given a stable population in which there is no struggle for existence, the question arises as to whether or how such a society can 'evolve'. One of the male intruders, the belligerent Terry, cannot see how the population can improve without genetic (natural) selection. One of the women, Zava, explains that they have instead 'striven for conscious improvement'

Fetal Risk Summary

In studies with multiple animal species, no evidence of impaired fertility or teratogenesis was observed with doses up to 40 times higher than the usual human dose (1). Cimetidine does have weak antiandrogenic effects in animals, as evidenced by a reduction in the size of testes, prostatic glands, and seminal vesicles (2,3), and in humans, by reports of decreased libido and impotence (4). Conflicting reports on the antiandrogenic activity in animals exposed in utero to cimetidine have been published (5,6,7,8 and 9).

41 introduction

Similar food traditions are evident throughout lactation as there is a strong belief that the mother can optimize the quality and quantity of her milk to meet the needs of her child through her own diet and psychological well-being 7 . In Egypt, foods that are considered to increase the quantity of milk (galactagogues) include juices, fenugreek tea and milk, green leafy vegetables, halva (a sesame-based sweet), and yogurt 8 . In some parts of Mexico, women drink pulque, a low-alcoholic beverage made of the fermented juice of a local fruit Agave atrovirens, because they believe that it will enhance their milk supply 9 , whereas others consume milk and gruels to thicken their breast milk 7 . It is important to note that no scientific evidence supports any of these claims, and some of these practices may be nutritionally unsound 10-13 . From the perspective of early flavor learning, however, emerging scientific evidence suggests that when women adhere to these cultural food practices...

Sex in Pregnancy

Will My Sex Drive Be Affected in Pregnancy This varies among different women. As a general rule, the sex drive increases in most women in the second trimester as they are able to adapt better physically and emotionally to their pregnancy by then. Some women feel more attractive during pregnancy, and want to be more intimate with their partners. Conversely, some couples may be concerned about the possibility of sex endangering the pregnancy. This results in decreased libido.

Analysing pregnancy

To summarise the Oedipus complex briefly in Freud's account of the development of sexual identity, for both male and female children the first object of proto-sexual desire is the mother. The little boy, fearing that his illicit desire for the mother will be punished by the father with castration, represses it, knowing however that one day he will stand in the place of the father with another woman wife. The process is more complicated for the little girl. She too must repress her desire for her mother, which she does when she discovers that, like her mother, she lacks a penis. Blaming her mother for this, she turns her desire to the father, hoping to get from him a penis, or its unconscious equivalent, a baby.

Carbon Disulfide

Only a limited number of studies have implicated carbon disulfide as a reproductive toxicant. A 1972 study by Lancranjan found that male workers exposed to carbon disulfide had significantly lower sperm counts and a greater incidence of abnormal morphology than controls (74). In a more recent study, investigators found no difference in the semen analysis of exposed workers compared with controls, but the workers had decreased libido and potency.

Womans nature

Carlile was a republican who began to express his radical views about women's political and sexual position during the years 1819-25, when he was imprisoned in Newgate for publishing 'blasphemous material' (translations of the works of Tom Paine). In 1828 he published a short pamphlet on contraception, Every Woman's Book or, What is Love One of the main strands of his argument here was that the free expression of sexual desire was necessary for the health of both men and women in his words, 'Love must be gratified, or its victim wastes and dies.' Carlile attempted to ground this claim in contemporary physiological knowledge, although the evidence he offered was, to say the least, anecdotal of human beings' - although it is important to recognise that it was also the case that much physiological knowledge could then, as now, only be derived from experimental work on non-human subjects.10 The analogy is certainly used in varied ways - while Walker yokes together women and 'the inferior...

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